thread: Pre IVF Jitters

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    Jul 2005

    Pre IVF Jitters

    Hi ladies

    I am about to start IVF in my next cycle. I sometimes feel like I just can't be bothered? I just feel like throwing the towel in sometimes... Can I really be bothered with the injections, scans, bloods and the possibility of disappointment????? 8-[

    I hope some of you ladies out there who have been succesful can give me a bit of a boost. DH and I are deffinatley going to try the whole IVF thing, but why is it that I feel like this? Has anybody else out there felt like this before...?? :? I know some people are just so desperate to start IVF... why can't I feel like this?????

    BUT at the end of the day when success findly finds us and we hold our little miracle it will all be worth it, but i just can't seem to see the light at the end of thr tunnel at the moment?????


    Firemansgirl xx

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    Jan 2005
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    Once I knew IVF was my only chance I couldn't wait to start.
    The injections/bloodtests are easy really -so don't worry about them (I've only done 1st Cycle) but the fear of disappointment is always there I guess.
    However, the prospect of holding a baby at the end is what I focus on.

    In the lead up we feel all sorts of things because our bodies have failed us for whatever reason and we have already been thru a lot of disappointment ttc.

    Hang in there and you may be one of lucky who strike the jackpot 1st go - there are few recent posts with this great situation.

    Goodluck - it is worth it

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    Jun 2005

    Hi ther firemansgirl,

    You are feeling everything i felt. I wanted to do IVF but the fear of the unkown i think was sometimes worse than what i had to endure. I won't lie, going in to hospitsal for my egg collection was so nerve racking i wondered "why am i doing this? Why put myself through this? Am i heading for dissapointment?" But you just need to focus and take one teeny tiny step at a time. The weeks leading up to pick up with the spary, blood tests and injections i think have such an emtional pull on you that in that respect you just feel as though you are over it IYKWIM.
    I think, and from what i have got from others is that, you can put your body through the wringer endless times and will recover, but it is the emotional part that will take it's toll and lead you to give up or take a break. So if whilst you are travelling this path remember to take care of no:1 and include your DH/DP in how you are feeling. They can only see what you are going through they don't feel it, and if they do it is nowhere the way we do.

    From where i sit now i can totally say it was worth it. Thankfully it worked for us first go, but i was prepared for at least three attempts before i weighed the situation up again.

    So as i said before, take each day as it comes, if you feel like crap and a wreck so be it, we all need to deal with stressful times in our own way, and if you keep focused on the end goal it may make it alot easier.

    Good luck and take care.

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    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    =D> very good advice and I wish you all the very best Kas