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Thread: puregon no response

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    jan Guest

    Unhappy puregon no response

    hi every1 im 44 just had my first attemt at ivf, and had no response to puregon 300 dose then increased 450 last 4 days, no follicles, and in a state of shock.... speacialist was not expecting no response either due to history and profile.

    I had a misscarriage 2years ago,
    eptopic 7years ago, with 1 tube removal,
    1fulltime live pregnancy 26 years ago with a much loved son, womb is healthy and have 1minor fibroid.

    The suggestion is i try again in 3 months without shut of drugs, going straight to the max dose ot 450 puregon.

    Hormone anyalasis was normal!!
    looks like my eggs randomly appear, or im going into pre meno my thoughts!

    Feel doc is been non commital, and i feel egg donation is probally only realistic way forward, then the cost and thought is mind blowing.

    Even if puregon gets a reaction next time are eggs even going to be good enough quality?

    Any help or thoughts from anyone,
    and what about egg donation, cost, time, matchup anyone had experience and luck....


    The thought of never having another child takes something from me and my husband that cant be replaced by anything life has to offer.

    Im also supporting a friend through her next 3rd and last ivf cycle, after 1 miscarriage and 1 negative result.

    im finding it difficult ,i wish the best for her with my heart and soul but i know i will be also sad inside for myself, and it makes me feel like a bad person.


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    Jan - i so fel for you hun - i've just had an IUI cycle cancelled for absolutely no response to puregon and i'm really struggling - i wish there was something i could say to help you out at the moment, but i can't help with the answers you need

    just wanted to send you big hugs and tell you i'm feeling for you atm...

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    Hi Jan...sorry to hear about your cycle ! Isn't life cruel sometimes....
    I'm sending you a huge hug & don't forget we are all here to support you whenever you feel like chatting OR venting LOL !
    I'm 34 & have been trying to fall pregnant for 10 years with no pregnancies at all, I've done IVF twice both failing. I'm about to see specialist next Tuesday for the first time since 2002, I'm going to ask him to let me try Clomid again for a longer period. I don't really want to do IVF again,besides it's too expensive for me at the moment.
    Good luck with everything
    Keep smiling
    take care

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