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Thread: Puregon pen - am I doing it right?

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    Default Puregon pen - am I doing it right?

    Having a mild stress attack here...

    I've done two injections with my puregon pen now. Both times it has clicked as it has gone past every single increment as I inject in. It's been ages since I was shown how to do it at the clinic, but I'm sure it just went in smoothly then. DH set it up the first time, I did it this time, and it clicks! The only thing I didn't do was take out the puregon cartridge and check that it was inserted properly. I've felt stuff go in both times, so I'm pretty sure I'm getting the dose, but the clicking is worrying me.

    I'll call the clinic tomorrow, but I'm hoping that someone can give me an idea of how worried I should be about this.


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    BW, I just got mine out of the wardrobe and mucked around with it because I couldn't remember whether it clicked as you depressed the button or not. It does make a rapid clicking sound as you do that.

    Chances are that if you felt the dosage go in both times (it was a coolish sensation as I recall) then you are doing it right. I think the pen is pretty foolproof in that regard.

    Give them a ring though if you are worried. Good luck.


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    Hi BW...I am on my 1st cycle of IVF as well and was shown just last week..yes, the clicking is the noise it supposes to make when you it sounds you did it right...each cartridge should be enough for 4 times if you are on 150...hope it helps.

    And lots of luck!!!


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    Good luck and hope all goes well!!

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    It depends on whether you push it down hard and fast (it tends to wind down in a whirring noise) or slow and steady (it clicks quite loudly clicking every measurement off)
    I am sure you are doing it ok..before you do your next injection pull the cover off the pen and put a texta mark where the the syringe plug is, after the injection you should see the difference.
    I was a slow I wanted to make sure every bit of hormones got into my system oh and then there is the pulling the needle out and sepage of the drug form the injection site..just give it a few seconds before taking it out

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    yes it does click when you depress the lunger thingo. You're doing it right! Lol!

    I didn't feel the puregon go in. But that's coz Mel is a gorgeous slim thing, and I've got heaps of padding on my tummy! Lol!

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    Hi BW - yes, mine clicks at each increment as the dose is being administered. I know this sound well because I feel pain when it is pushed in too quickly.. I use it as a guide for when I am nearly done because DH does my needles and my eyes are shut!!

    You mentioned feeling something after your 1st needle in another thread, I did, like pin pri*ks every now and again

    Good luck!

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    Phew! I was getting really disturbed by the clicking! Good to know it's supposed to do it. I'm a slow injector, too - then I wait five seconds after I've finished injecting before I pull it out. I think the fact that I'm doing it slowly makes it so much more obvious than if I were to just shove it in quickly.

    I'm now pretty convinced that the side effects I am feeling are from the puregon, and not just all in my head. I think I'm going to be feeling pretty awful by the time I get to EPU.

    Thanks for all the advice here, ladies! I probably wouldn't have been so stressed if I'd been at home for the first injection and could have asked straight away.


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