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    Hi, I've come to ask you wonderfully knowledgeable ladies about puregon and pregnyl...I started ovulation induction this month...I am currently on day 27 and have been having support pregnyl injections over 3 - 4 day intervals since my trigger shot. I am due for a pregnancy blood test boxing day. Will the pregnyl shots delay my period coming if I'm not pregnant? as I'm usually a 27/28 day girl and just wondering if my period would be expected to come as normal? Also, anyone else had shockingly sore boobs from using pregnyl shots?

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    Hi Janee
    I was on 300Puregon and Pregnyl (same frequency as you) for my last cycle.
    Yes, I had shockingly painful boobs while using Pregnyl. They also got way bigger than they ever had on any other cycle. TMI - my nipples practically doubled in size too. Even had to buy a new bra as none would fit.
    Can't really help with the delayed AF question though. I got a +ve on a pee stick 1 day after AF was due. I'm a perfect 28 day cycle gal too. My beta was 3 days after that and was <5, AF arrived in full force that night.
    Hope that helps?

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    Thank for that SuziQ.
    I am so hoping this has worked, but being the first try and after some 19 months of trying "naturally" I'm not sure......I read about your situation on the thread, I'm thinking of joining the LLTC as the general conception doesn't seem to fit for my "extended" trying to conceive....that you for your reply and hope you have a happy Xmas.

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