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Thread: Recent ectopic pregnancy and starting IVF

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    Hi all

    I have posted a thread on the intro forum and have decided to include my story on this forum. My name is Simone but that user name was already taken Anyway, my story goes like this. My DH and I had been trying for a baby naturally for around a year and a half with no luck. I went to the doctor to find out any reasons for this. Ultrasound, swab and bloods were all good. She asked me to come back to retest for a hormone that was high but she didnt say which one. It turned out that I was finally pregnant. The joy was short lived as about a week later I was in emergency with an ectopic pregnancy The embryo was removed with my right tube. I had primary peritinitus and my appendix out when I was 5 yrs old which scarred both tubes quite badly. My ovaries were also stuck to my pelvic wall, anyway it was a mess. It was a miracle we conceived and I guess if that never happened we could have been trying for much longer before we knew what the problem was. (Sorry this is a long story).

    We had out frist IVF appointment on Friday at a new clinic in Perth. It was with Dr Aitkens and he had come across from Concept. The clinic is only a week old and getting an appointment was easy. He seems quite confident as the tubes seem to be the only problem (so far) but I have to have another operation so he can try and fix it all up so he can get to the eggs easier when the time comes. He also wants to see if he can unblock the tube although it seems unlikely. Although it is probably for the best, it means I have to wait longer to recover and start with IVF. I just want to hurry it up so I can start ASAP!! Has anyone out there had similar problems (blocked tubes)?? Thanks for listening
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    Mona - I haven't had your experience of ectopic pg but just wanted to welcome you to BB. I'm sorry you have had such difficulty. Lots of us on here have arrived at IVF by various roads and the IVF/Assisted Conception threads have been a great source of support for us. I hope they can also be the same for you.

    Wishing you all the best on your journey.


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    Hi Simone welcome to BB.
    I am so sorry to hear of your loss.
    The waiting game is a hard one to play when you just want that bundle now! Please rest up and give you body some time to heal.
    I hope your IVF journey ends quickly with a BFP!

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    Hi Simone & welcome to BB,
    Sorry I can't help with the blocked tubes either but just wanted to say that I know the feeling of wanting to get the show on the road ASAP!
    I am sure you will find lots of love & support in the LTTTC threads.
    All the best!

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    Kat Guest


    Hi Simone,

    I had my right ovary and tube removed 2 years ago, due to a large dermoid tumour on it. They did this by laparotamy which took many months to get over. 9 months later I had a similar pain on my left side. It ended up feeling worse, so my friend took me to the emergency ward of a country hospital (we were on holiday). I told him I thought it was a tumour/cyst, he said he couldnt feel anything, so gave me a Enema, a painkiller and antibiotic ! 2 days, and 2 different hospital ER's later I was finally listened to, they conducted a ultrasound and found a cyst a bit bigger than a tennis ball twisting on my left ovary. I was operated on 3 hours later ... thankfully the ovary was fine. As it turned out, I must have gotten an infection from the op, causing Chronic PID. This has caused my left tube to be blocked, and a pelvic area full of adhesions. Not to mention my bowel being stuck to the left side of my body !
    It is so frustrating when I tell people that I have to do IVF, and they say " I have heard someone that was told they cant have kids, and now they have 2." I then try and explain that if you dont have the equipment, it just cant happen ! My mother in law even suggested for the doctor to make up a new tube from a skin graft. People are very sweet and full of suggetions, but have no idea.
    I went to see Dr Mazzucheli at Concept, but I dont feel comfortable with him. He said because of the adhesions, that my chances at IVF are much smaller than most.
    Can you tell me more about Dr Aitkens? Did he tell you a rough cost guide for IVF at his clinic? Also, do they transfer one or two emby's?

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    Hi Kat

    Sorry to hear about your experience. Thank you for sharing. It would be nice if they could find a way to somehow replace the tube! I have only had one appointment with Dr Aitken so far. The cost are something like $1500 first go. Make sure you register for the safety net. After you hit the cut off amount it then becomes $700 per month. If using frozen embryos then the out of pocket then becomes around $250 or something. I am with Medibank Private so thats what I end up paying with that. Im cant remember what Medicare pay and I am not sure about other private health companies. Here are the details of the new clinic incase you would like to inquire about it. Fertility Specialists of Western Australia, 25 Queenslea Drive Clarement (part of Bethesda hospital), 9340 6419. There are three other doctos there and two of the other ones were recommended by my GP as well as Dr Aitkin. The other doctor is also the director but my GP didnt know him. Dr Aitkin's other office (room) is at suite 209 St John of God Medical Clinic, 25 McCourt Street Subiaco, 9382 9435. Hope this help. Good luck Let me know how you go. I'll keep you posted. Oh yeah, he wont put more then one embryo in which got to me a bit but I suppose its safer that way. They also keep the embryo in the test tube for 5 days instead of two which from what I know is better. My GP explained that with natural conception the embryo takes about 4-5 days to travel down the tube and into the uterus to implant. When they used to put the embryo in after two days with IVF, it was more immature and therefore may not implant. At least keeping it in the test tube or dish longer gives it a better chance at implanting.
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    Hi and welcome Simone.
    I've had an ectopic and right tube removed, plus NUMEROUS IVF and operations. I have been to Concept and Pivet, prefer Concept and my doctor (Graeme Thompson or Linda Wong) are wonderful. All the best for your future TTCing.

    Hi to Kat

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    Hi Magic

    The specialist who did my ectopic pregnancy operation recommeded Dr Thompson as one of the IVF specialists to go to. I think he has a pretty good reputation. Can you tell me what operations you have had and why? I'm just want to be aware of what might be happening with me. If that is too much of a personal issue then I understand. Have you had any luck with TTC yet? I need some inspiration!!

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