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Thread: Serophone Cd 2-6

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    Default Serophone Cd 2-6

    I'm taking clomid from cd2-6. I haven't heard anyone else taking clomid on these days. I've read that some ladies are taking it on different cycle day's ie 3-7, 4-8 etc.

    Does anyone know why its varies?

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    Yep - when on clomid I am on CD 2-6 doses. I take it in the evening to decrease the side effects too.

    It varies depending on the thoughts of the doctor - supported through different research. There is quite a bit of discussion in the literature about the effectiveness of different CD for dosing but overall they all seem to be appropriate and can result in the pregnancy we are all after. Consult your doctor as to why he/she has set the regime they have. They should be able to give you an appropriate answer.

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    i took it from cd 5-9 then the past two cycles have been day 2-6 which i have been ovulating earlier.

    Unless you are unhappy with these days, you should be fine. Otherwise, ask your doc

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    It depends on your doc, but the earlier in the cycle it is given, the more potent the effect and hence the higher the *risk* of having twins. HTH

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    Hi, I had PCOS with loonnggg cycles and was prescribed for CD 2-6 (and got pregnant). Not sure why though, but it worked!!

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