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    How long does sperm survive in the vagina?

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    Sep 2004
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    from what I've read, most of the sperm dies upon contact with the vaginal walls due to the acidity present to prevent infection. It's only when the strong ones get beyond the vagina and past the cervix that they can survive for as long as 3 days in the uterus.

    I feel like a documentary! Lol!


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    I've read 3 days as well. So how come it's so bloody hard for them to find my egg??????

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    Actually in the right conditions, sperm can survive for up to 6 days but of course they get older and slower by then and not as good a quality. fresh is best!!
    It also depends on how your DH treats himself, diet, exercise etc?
    Did you know that V8 juice improves sperm quality by 35% Zinc, folic acid and coenzyme Q10 are also fantasic for improving morphology, motility, quality and quantity!


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    I readed something before and it says that it depends on the quality of sperms and the PH value of the uterus, so normally several days. Only some sperm can survive to arrive the uterus and even smaller amount to reach the egg.

    Some reasearches interest me: if that very special sperm meets egg in a relatively shorter time, then the chance to have a girl is higer. Otherwise if the time is longer, you are more likely to get a baby boy. The reason is that sperms to make girls swim faster while those for boys swim slower but survive longer.

    Well, for me personally I will be happy not matter a baby boy or girl. #-o

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    Hmmm I have heard the opposite, the male sperm is faster but not as strong, where as female sperm is slower but survives longer.

    Billings suggests that conception on ovulation will increase chances of a blue babe by 75 %. BDing 2-3 days before O will increase chances of a pink one!! #-o


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    Feb 2004

    Yup, male sperm is faster but weaker than female sperm.