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Thread: spotting before period - how bad b4 u need prog meds??

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    Default spotting before period - how bad b4 u need prog meds??

    Hi everyone,

    Out of about 4 periods this year, for 2 of them I have spotted before the full blood flow (I have PCOS, have been on Metformin for over a year now). It has been one day to a half a day of spotting. Last time I went to see my FS I told her that I didn't spot before my periods anymore - since it used to happen very often, but it seemed to have stopped when I started Metformin. Now I am wondering - how bad does the spotting have to be before you need progesterone meds to sustain a pregnancy? Is a day to a half a day for 50% of cycles going to be okay, or still cause problems?

    Why does it seem to happen when my cycles are shorter? I have had some great cycles just recently - 33, 36, 35, 30 days. For the 33 and 30 days ones, I had spotting, but not for the 35 and 36 day ones. I used to think shorter cycles were better - but does this mean that the longer cycles are more likely to sustain a pregnancy??

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi shell shell
    I started spotting before my period 2 years ago but its only been since Ive been refferred to IVF that the doc said it was a sign of decreased fertility. So maybe you should ask your doc for the facts it would be interesting to here what they have to say. Goodluck with everything

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