thread: Spotting and Cramping - What does this mean? V. Worried!!!!

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    sedony Guest

    Spotting and Cramping - What does this mean? V. Worried!!!!

    Hi Ladies,
    Thanks for reading this! I am a little anxious.
    17dpo I had some cramping, back ache and slight spotting. Today - 19dpo I have more slight cramping and spotting. I know for some women this means ovulation and I am not ruling that out ( opk's still negative) but this time I noticed a lump of gunk that looked like tissue matter, like the thin tissue that comes off a blister. It was white and mixed in with a bit of blood. I am naturally worried and have been on the net searching for what this could mean but all I am doing is freaking myself out. Should I go to a doctor or just relax? I am worried because there is cramping and I have read in heaps of sites that you should be worried if there is cramping because it may be an eptopic pregnancy. Surely it is too early in the cycle for me to be pregnant. I thought it could be implantation bleeding but again I feel it is too early in the cycle for that. The only obvious thing then is that it is ovulation bleeding. But ... OPK's still negative!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!

    Does anyone have any advice?

    Thanks for your support!!!!!!
    Melissa :-s

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    sedony Guest

    Sorry ladies, made a mistake I am not 17 and 19dpo I am

    cd17 and cd19.

    I am new to all this and am still figuring out all the abbreviations etc. Sorry!!!!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Sep 2004

    That sounds to me like it might be fertile CM.... but not sure about the spotting in it...?


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    sedony Guest

    Thanks for the reply. Sorry if TMI but do you mean like a glob of CM? it was a bit like skin, thin and stretchyand in a piece. Strange.

    I really appreciate your reply.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Feb 2005

    Sedony, I've had something like that myself. It might be related to ovulation. I sometimes get blood-tinged mucus around that time or occasionally, it is rubbery and in one piece. I've often suspected it might be a CM plug which is released when the cervix opens up around the fertile period in the cycle.

    I also get cramping around ovulation. The ovary on the chosen side actually "pings" me quite distinctly so I always know when to expect the change to fertile. Apparently, the sharp pains people sometimes feel at ovulation precede the actual egg release by a day or so.

    Of course, if AF doesn't turn up after a decent interval, you might want to consult your :doc:

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    sedony Guest

    Thanks Melbo, you have made me feel better, I think I'll try another OPK. I really appreciate the reply.

    Baby dust to you all!!!!!