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Thread: Strange readings on Day 21 progesterone tests

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    Default Strange readings on Day 21 progesterone tests


    My first Day 21 read about 11 and this latest one read 28, apparently 30 is the cut off to say 'yep, ovulation'. Is this correct? And if so what does my results mean?

    Any help would be muchly appreciated

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    My doc always told me anything over 20 is an indication ovulation has occured. You should get another BT in a day or two to check again. It should rise, meaning you ovulated in the last couple of days, rather than a week ago.


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    Good question as im having this test done.

    Info i found was
    The Results of the Progesterone Test
    Depending upon where you are in your cycle, your progesterone levels will be different. Progesterone levels surge just before ovulation and, if you become pregnant, they will continue to rise. If you do not get pregnant, your progesterone levels will decline. Normal levels for Days 1 to 6 are less than 100 ng/dL. Normal levels between days 7 and 14 are 20-150 ng/dL. Normal levels for days 15-28 are 250-2,800 ng/dL. cycles.
    I dont know how that relats to the numbers you have mentioned. I dont know much about these things..yet.
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