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    angelique Guest

    Symptoms after transfer

    Hi there,

    Did or does anyone experience any symptoms of pregnancy after their transfer at all? If so, have these turned out to be a positive pregnancy or just hormones playing up? Any help would be great.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Sep 2004

    I had plenty of pg symptoms after transfer, but alas my bubs did not stay.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2005

    Same as Keen. Every symptom, but no bub for me.

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    Blue Sky Guest

    Hi Angelique,

    I've just found out I have a BFP from a FET. I was looking for signs and symptoms from day 1 but never really had any until the last week or so. DH was getting annoyed by my constant questioning, "Do my bbs look bigger??"

    I was fairly sure this cycle wasn't going to work so in the end I found a "logical" reason for every symptom. Eg. feeling queasy - I had picked up my SIL's gastro bug. Feeling tired - because of the early morning pessaries and giving up coffee. Feeling crampy - damn hormones giving my insides a working over. Bra not fitting like it used to - because I've been eating too many tim tams.

    I think everyone is different. I've know of people (not on IVF) who have been pregnant for 3 months without knowing! (curses on them...)

    Good luck sweetie - hope it all works out for you!!
    :bluestick: :bluestick:
    PS - I have a cousin Angelique - its such a beautiful name!!

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    angelique Guest


    CONGRATULATIONS BLUE. It is soo good to hear some good news. How long have you been on the IVF wagon for? Was this your first go?

    I know what you mean about feeling the cycle isnt going to work. I am praying that mind does as everything has been going so smoothly and like clockwork, it seems silly if it does not happen and since I am so young ang healthy. I guess I will find out soon.

    Did you give in to a pregnancy test at all before your bloods?

    Where abouts did you feel your cramps anyway?

    Again, congratulations and hope that all goes smoothly for you from now on.



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    Blue Sky Guest

    Thanks Ange,

    I have been on the AC trail for over a year now. DH and I were trying but not (IYKWIM - kinda, "if it happens, it happens" attitude) for about 7 years before that. I had 2 stim ICSI IVF cycles - the first one I didn't get any embies to transfer. This one we got 13 embies. The transfer after EPU was a bust. This was our first FET - which I guess worked!

    Yes, I did a home test at the start of my 2nd week into the TWW. It was negative. Which I was expecting as it was a tad early!! I just felt as though I had to DO something. I'm feeling the cramps kinda near my right hip bone - so I'm now paranoid about ectopic pregnancy!!
    It still doesn't feel real to me.

    I'm sure that your age, health and positive attitude will work in your favour!! Take care of yourself, make sure to spoil yourself in the TWW! How long to you have to wait now?
    :bluestick: :bluestick:

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    angelique Guest

    Hi blue,

    Looks like you have had a long journey through all this. But it is fantastic that you have seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Im sure you dont have an eptopic pregnancy, it could be just the ovaries enlarging from all the pregnancy hormones. Your clinic really should do an ultrasound to give you peace of mind I think. I guess it will feel real after you feel the kicking hey?

    I have to wait till Monday 5th September for bloods. Dont know what we will do till then heheheh. I think we will do a home test on the sunday so hopefully it will be 2 lines instead of one!! We are sick of seeing just one line.

    Would you mind if I ask, how old are you and why did you go onto the IFV path?



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    Blue Sky Guest

    Don't mind at all Ange,
    My GP gave me what was essentially a blank referral to a specialist and I went along to see the same one some friends of mine saw - he happened to be with Melb IVF. He gave me a scan and straight away picked up that I had polycystic ovaries. Now I look back on it and I've had symptoms of PCO for years. He also ordered a semen analysis for DH which showed that he had a very high % of swimmers with abnormal morphology. We tried AIH for about a year but never got to the insemination stage as I just wasnt ovulating on the drugs. I had a break for about 2 months and then went back to see him to see if I could go on IVF. He suggested it before I could even utter a word.
    Whoa - sorry for the life story there!! Got a bit carried away.

    Thanks for your reassurance re the ectopic. Am sure I'm just paranoid!
    Be careful with the home tests - they're evil! Ooh only a week to go - hope you're able to keep yourself calm and sane!! LOL - I know that is near impossible!!

    wishing you heaps of :bluestick: :bluestick:
    oh, I'm 35.

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    angelique Guest


    Sorry It took so long for me to reply blue... (

    It seems like you have been through a lot with your fertility. I am so glad that you have been blessed with a stiker.

    Please let me know how you go through all this and I wish you the best throughout your pregnancy. U have gotta tell me what it is like.


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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2005

    hi ange

    A girlfriend of mine had her first IVF cycle recently and a FET.. unfortunatley both failed, she is only 27, but has some problem after having a loop cone biopsy getting the little blighters to stick??

    She lost both bubs at 5 weeks, but round the 4 week cycle she had sore BB's and heaps of weeing all the time...

    Everyone is different.. so don't worry to much ok... stay positive and i am thinking of you on monday...

    firemansgirl xx

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Feb 2005


    Sorry, coming into this discussion late, but yes I did have symptoms post transfer and quite strong ones too. It was my first cycle though so I wasn't sure what the go was ... was it due to the hcG in the trigger or something else? The symptoms stopped a couple of days before my BT so I assumed the cycle hadn't worked. Two peesticks concurred with that supposition. So was I shocked when the BT was positive.

    Symptom Alert is a painful process isn't it? Hang in there.



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    angelique Guest

    Hi Mel & Firemans girl,

    Thanks for writing back on this post. You kind of need some sort of re-assurance in times like this. Monday will be crunch time heheheh.

    Went to have acupuncture yesterday and she said she things I have nailed it. I got excited, but alas, the blood test is the final indication.

    Will keep you guys posted on the outcome. Hope everything is going ok for the two of you.

    ange :hbeat:


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    Blue Sky Guest

    Hi Ange
    I suspect some congratulations are in order!!
    Are my suspicions correct?

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    congratulations Ange -you have nailed it and I wish you a very happy and healthy 8 months - that is fantastic news for you and your DH

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    angelique Guest

    Hi Baby-amore,

    Where have you been girl? I was wondering what was going on with you lately. How have everything been for you lately?

    Thanks for your congratulations. I tell you, the worry just doesn't stop each and every day heheheheh. I should have appreciated the calm peace of mild which I had before bubba came along.

    Parental syndrome I think.

    Hi Blue, how is everything going with you? Thanks for the congratulations. I feel very blessed and thankful and I pray everyday and wish everyone to be successful during this long road. It sure is on your mind every day, day in day out. How did you go with your program?

    Girls keep in touch as I want to hear your good news ASAP!!! I can feel it coming for you all.


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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2005

    Hi Ange and congrats honey.. i knew you would be all good!!! I hope you don't mind if i email you sometimes about my IVF which i start on friday.. all the best for the next 8 months.. please keep us all informed..

    love leis xx

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    angelique Guest

    Hi Firemans girl,

    Thanks so much babe. I have been meaning to email you and I am so sorry I have been so slow. Please email me with anything you like babe.

    xxx ooo


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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2005

    Congratulations Ange.
    Wow, 2inches tall already!!
    Amazing how they fit in there when you stop to think about it.
    My best wishes are with you.