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Thread: The Tests Begin...Need Advice Please

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    Question The Tests Begin...Need Advice Please

    DH and I have been TTC for 12 months now with no success. I have been thinking it is just the timing or me being overweight. I am pretty certain I O every month and my cycles re regular. I have not charted since TTC with Amy, and we conceived on the first attempt with Amy after going to a Naturopath and taking lots of vitamins and healthy eating. I am now charting for the second month.

    I had an appointment today with a doctor who did a pap smear and she ordered lots of blood tests including a progesterone surge on Day 21 so I have to wait until then for the tests (CD11) today. I am also having a pelvic u/s as I have been getting pain on my LHS so she is looking for a cyst.

    I should probably wait until the test results, but I was wondering what would be next if all came back okay? I asked the doctor if we should skip TTC this month but she said no.

    I did join the Conception Buddies and I am sorry I have not been around much since. Have had limited time on BB lately mainly due to work.

    ETA: I am 35 and the doctor also recommended Maybe Baby so might give that a try.
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    I don't have advice Gemma cause we're not being very successful ourselves right now. Just sending BIG HUGS. I hope you get lucky this month and don't have to worry about all the tests.

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    Hi Gemma,

    DH & I have been TTC for a long time. I have just been to see the gynae and he also ordered heaps of BTs to be taken. I went for my CD21 yeterday and have to go for the rest between CD 2- 5 this includes a heap of other hormone ones and GTT which is glucose tolerance levels.
    He mentioned that he might put me onto Clomid if he sees that I haven't O'd.

    My next appt is 1 Dec to discuss the results. So gonna have to wait until then.
    Seems like when the results come back options are discussed. Like, if one of your your hormone levels are not right than a drug is probably prescribed to get that on track.
    If nothing is wrong than maybe Clomid , IUI or IVF or options are discussed?? Not sure.

    Good luck with your BT results. Hope you won't be TTC for too long!

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    Are they testing your DH as well?

    If they find nothing wrong with your hormone levels and you ovulate every month, then perhaps you would go in for a laparoscopy (to check for Endo) and a hysteroscopy (or whatever it is called where they check your tubes).

    If you are getting pain and the ultrasound shows nothing, it is certainly worth getting a laparoscopy done to check out in more detail what that pain might be from - sometimes things don't show on an ultrasound but they find them during a laparoscopy.

    Hope this helps!

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    Hey Gemma

    We are also on the LT TTC journey.

    I've just finished up a month of blood tests where my hormones were tracked fairly regularly throughout the cycle...I also had a couple of internal ultrasounds...

    We get our results back on Tuesday...

    I have a feeling that my hormones are the reason for our infertility to date...I'm so hoping that there is a fairly simple answer to all of this...but not sure if that's a realistic hope...

    We'll see...

    I joined up on the fertility friend website to do online charting...that's been helpful (not that I'm pregnant...but helpful in terms of getting to know my body better)...

    Wishing you all the best!

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    Hey Gemma,
    I have just had all the blood tests done with the Dr including an internal U/S and hubby has an S/A. this all came back clear so I am now seeing a fertility specialist I had my first app on thursday just gone and she ordered more blood tests a more extensive S/A for hubby ( to check for sperm antibodies) and I am having a HSG on Friday ( this is where they inject dye into your tubes to check for blockages) god only knows where she will go if it all comes back normal maby a Lap.
    My FS did say that 10% of people with IF are actually do not have any problems!

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