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Thread: Too early to do HPT? BFN can it change? Aargh the 2ww killing me

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    Default Too early to do HPT? BFN can it change? Aargh the 2ww killing me

    Well i poas today and of coarse BFN! So devastated and i know it is way too early.
    I had my EPU last monday the 26th and 2 x ET on Friday 30th so it is 6dpt.
    I am on progesterone pessaries and crinone and also Pregynl trigger shots. I had one trigger on sat and one on tues and due for another on sat.
    I even thought that maybe the pregynl shots would have maybe given me a false positive?
    I have had cramping and strange feelings in tummy and it seems a little different to the last time when i got a BFP but then m/c at 6 weeks.
    My BT is not till next Friday but i feel so flat now after seeing that one big fat line!

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    6dpt is very very early hun!! dnt give up hope just yet.
    let us know how u go, have everything crossed for u

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    Too early! Try and hold out for your blood test

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    Agree with the others, way too early babe!

    Just another week. I too found the 2ww to be the hardest part of the whole IVF cycle. I drove myself mad!

    Sue xx

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    I got an extremely faint pos+ at 6 days past a day 3 embie TF same as 9dpo and the nurse said it is possible for some but very unlikely turns out my HCG is pretty high and the nurse mentioned twins maybe the reason for my early pos+ so you still have plenty of time for a pos+ to show up.

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    Thanks girls i know it is really hard!!! Struggling to stay positive this time but will keep trying.
    Great to have everyones support going thru this 2ww its horrible, such an anxious time.
    I find myself really getting quite envious of every mum with bub that i see....

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