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    lisac i read that u had 2 many follicles for ur injections/iui cycle... and it was cancelled for march...well i am in EXACTLY the same position as you. was doing injections ( gonal-f and was going for IUI ) but it was cancelled...on 26th march
    what are u doing now and how long do u have to wait? and how many mature follicles did u produce?

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    I was on 75mg dose and had about 10 follicles - about 4-5 were suspicious of being mature - that is why it was cancelled. I was then put onto Provera and got my period after 10 days of that, making a cycle length of only about 17 days. Went back to have my blood test on day four and it still showed about 4-5 follicles left. They advised to wait another month to try and bring everything back to normal - they wanted to start fresh without anything there from the previous attempt. I think they will try to put me on 50mg this time round - hopefully it will be the right dose..

    Now I'm currently on Day 29. Was told to start taking Provera from day 16 for 14 days and I am on the 14th day of it today.... still no AF. Its actually the first month that I actually want it to come because DH and I are so keen on having another crack at it!

    What was your dose and how many follicles did you have? (mature or not).

    Its very frustrating isn't it... Is this your first IUI attempt?

    It would be great to keep in touch as we are in exactly the same situation.

    All the best

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    well i started on gonal-f 37.5iu for 4 days and nothing was happening so up to 75iu again nothing happening so they put me up to 112.5iu and well oestrogen was sitting around 600 then went up to 3300 and had a U/S and they noticed 3 follicles - 2 x 11mm and 1 x 13mm and that was a friday and then had another U/S on monday and thats when they noticed 11 mature follicles and oestrogen was 8800 and it was cancelled. so i am on the pill for 21 days ( i am on day 12 of that ) and then call FS when i get AF and have BT and U/S and they will decide from there whether the follicles are gone or not if the follicles are still there well i have to do another cycle of the pill. i only took 2 rounds of clomid and nothing happened and now this has happened on injections but DH and i are happy to know that injections worked...we know the FS will put me puregon next round and keep me at 50iu for however long i need to stay there til they get a mature follicle or 2. i have had 1 failed round of clomid/IUI so this would be my 2nd round of iui but with injections this time
    it is a very frustrating process!!!

    is there any way of talking to ppl in private on this forum?

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    I'm not sure if this site allows people to talk in private, but I am happy to exchange email addresses if you would like to.

    We were the same... It was frustrating that we had to wait a few cycles, but glad that I had responded so well. One of the nurses said that my response would be excellent for IVF if we have to go on that path.

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    i was told the same thing about IVF that it would have been the perfect cycle...ah well ....
    bit of a dilemma
    how would we exchange emails...everyon would see our email address? dont really want spam etc etc?

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    Other than posting an email address, you could post a mobile, then SMS the email address, then edit your post by deleting the mobile number, so that the mobile is not there for others to view.

    Hope you had a good Easter by the way!!

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    write to me at [email protected]

    speak to ya then

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    I tried emailing you a couple of times - but it keeps on coming back as not sent. If your email is correct, I will give you mine and then see how we go.

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    hey lisa
    try again if it doesnt work maybe give me ur email and we will take it from there!

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