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Thread: Tubal Flushing...Heard of it???

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    Default Tubal Flushing...Heard of it???

    Hi Girls

    I've been thinking alot about my options since the "IVF Bungle" and would like to see what you all think. When i had lap and dye at 21, everything came back normal. Since then i haven't tried to conceive naturally.

    Has anyone heard of Tubal Flushing?? If my tubes turn out ok, and since i ovulate, but maybe only one in four of my eggs actually fertilise (got 8 eggs 2 embies with IVF-BFN), maybe IUI with Clomid will give me a better chance so that if there are 2 follicles there maybe one of them will be "a good one".

    Does anyone know of a good gynae in brisbane that i could go to for the procedure (HSG with Lipidiol Flushing)..??

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    By 'tubal Flushing' do you mean a test to see if your Tubes are blocked. If it is I've had one and its just a test where by they insert a dye through your tubes to see if theres anything blocking it. It's quite painless.

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