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    luckydraw Guest


    Thank you, all girls for giving me a lot of advice even I join less than one month.

    I will go to have my first ultrasound done by Dr Gronow at 8AM tomorrow morning!!! (I awlays wonder how long IVF doctors need to work?) :-s

    If everything is alright, I will continue sniffing Snyarel and start to inject 150ml Gonal-f. The critial part is coming now. I am quite exciting and bit nervous, like still in a dream. Hopefully everything goes OK.

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    Blue Sky Guest

    Hi Lucky,
    Am sure everything will run smoothly for you tomorrow! I'll cross fingers that your cycle ends in success!!!
    You and probey will be good friends in no time!

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    Sep 2004

    Sending you lots of good luck for your appt tomorrow!

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    Jul 2005

    all the best for tomorrow sweetie.. i am sure you will be fine..

    thinking of you....

    love Firemansgirl xx

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    luckydraw Guest

    Thank you all for the blessings.

    I passed the first scan with no follicle and thin lining. I start to injection from tonight and have the second scan next Tuesday.

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    Jun 2005
    near the water

    Glad everything is going to plan...I often wondered about the life of my old IVF doctor, often I would leave his office at 8pm and then return at 6am!

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    luckydraw Guest

    Ya, I assume the doctors are really busy. Today, the nurse told me that my doctor will do ET even on Saturdays and Sundays if necessary!

    Just did my first injection of 150ml Gonal-f. Not really feel anything at all yet and just wonder whether I injected anything inside or not! (I am the worrying kind of women.) #-o

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    Jun 2005
    near the water

    The worrying never ends!
    I use to freak when there would be seppage from the injection site (pin ***** size) & think should I dial up a little more to compensate. I don't think we can do to much wrong!

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    Feb 2005
    Planet Earth, Apparently.

    My gosh Bec, I thought I was the only one who thought that - the night before I started I dreamt the needle hole was huge and the medicine was flowing back out and I was madly trying to block up the site to keep puregon in! LOL!

    Im glad the u/s went well, I havent had a huge amount of side effects from 150iu either, slightly sore boobs, some headaches and thats it - and that was after a few days.

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    luckydraw Guest

    It is SO funny to read your stories about the injections.

    I still can remember that when I and my hubby went to have the nurse training, at first I was very confident to practice on the foam. Well, it was then another story when the needle pointed to my belly. As a result, my hubby tried first and I felt nothing. After that I got no prolem any more because there was no pain. I insist on doing it by myself - don't wanna to see my hubby's smiles as a revenge. :evil:

    By the way, just found out the injection should be 150IU instead of 150ml. Luckily, not 150ml in my body now! 8-[

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    angelique Guest

    Hi luckydraw

    Hope all goes well for you during this process. I had really ugly marks all over my tummy from all the needles hehehe. Looked like a druggie.

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    luckydraw Guest

    Thank your girls for all the encouragements.

    I am alright now except there are some kind of stretching feeling sometimes on both sides of my bellybuttom.