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    Hi everyone,

    Well, today I got my results. And between you and me, I was secretly hoping that it would be a +ve as I felt different this time, have not had AF and don't feel like I'm going to any time soon.

    But, as you can see from the heading, it was -ve. I am so devasted and have been in bed all afternoon swamped in tears I have one frozen emby left, but I am thinking of waiting a month until I have the next transfer. I can' t imagine having another -ve result in only a few weeks. My DH is going away for work soon, and will be away pretty much for 3 weeks every month until Christmas. I know he has to go for work, but I really need him here.

    I feel very alone and lost at the moment. I can't face going through another stimulation cycle at the moment. I so thought that this one would be it, and it wasn't. Life is so unfair.

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    Hi Alex
    Im very sorry to hear your news and want to come over for a very large coffee and a cry together. (But saw you are in Sydney!).

    Nothing i can say or do will help to console you at the moment but we are all here for you to shout and scream at.

    If you are ever feeling lost or alone then please find your way here, and we'll try to work through it together.

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    Alex, I am so very sorry to hear your result. I agree that it is terribly unfair.

    I am sure you will know when is the best time to try your next FET. I think it's important to take as much time to recover from each cycle as you need.

    Huge hugs to you hunny, and stay strong.

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    Im sorry Alex. It gets so hard especially when despite your best sense we allow ourselves to feel positive that we may be in with a chance... Big :hugs: from me.... AF arrived for me today, so hopefully we will both get to escape next month

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