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Thread: Varicocele treatment success?

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    Default Varicocele treatment success?

    Just wondering if anyones DH has had a Varicocele treated with surgery and if so was it successful in then achieving a pregnancy?

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    DH has a varicocele. Our IVF specialist was very much against treating it as he considered DH's sperm to be so bad that any improvement from treating the varicocele would be negligible. We did attempt to have an embolisation performed, but some quirk in DH's anatomy made it impossible for them to get into the appropriate vein.

    The woman I saw for acupuncture was of the opposite opinion - even if it was only a slight improvement, going into IVF or ICSI with better sperm could only lead to better outcomes. DH couldn't be convinced to try surgery after the embolisation failed, so it's still there.

    In terms of recovery time, I believe the embolisation is the better option over surgery.


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