thread: In vitro maturation

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    Katem Guest

    In vitro maturation

    Hi everyone.

    Just wondering if anyone has had in vitro maturation?
    Seems as if I have a diminished ovarian reserve (despite a good FSH and good ovarian volume).
    A suggestion of IVM has been raised where the antral follicles are taken.
    I'm still waiting on some tests to come back before a decision is made but thought I'd find out if anyone had done it or knew of people then I would love to know.


    IVF #!1 cancelled -oversuppressed
    IVF #2 cancelled -1 follie
    IVF #3 2 follies - EPU but no eggs

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    Hi Katem and welcome to BB. I have done a few rounds of IVF and I have to admit, have not heard of in vitro maturation. Maybe one of the other long termers will have some idea.

    If you feel comfortable, please join us in the monthly thread. There are loads of us in there now, with some pg, some trying naturally and others using ART. Maybe you'll find the answers you're looking for there.


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    Katem Guest

    IVM is a little new or at least in humans !!
    I felt a tad concerned when the google search came up with info on IVM for cows, pigs, rats and even ferrets and wombats!!!!
    It does however have an application in humans particularly with PCOS where I understand overstimulation is a potential problem. Or in my case very little stimulation.

    I'm fairly keen to try most things but some human experience would be good !!!


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    BellyBelly Member

    Sep 2004


    I have to say Im with Sush, and had never heard of it before. But I suppose it has to start somewhere...

    I had problems with over stimulating, so might be something I should keep in mind.

    If the tests come back good, when would you be likely to go ahead?


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    Katem Guest

    I'm not sure if IVM will even be offered. Depending on yet more bloods and another scan it may be offered in a few cycles.
    If I do get the go ahead it may also be a month by month approach ie depending on the number of antral follicles on the day 3-5 scan. It would not be worth trying if the antral follicles are very low in numbers.
    It sounds a bit experimental so I may not get the green light.
    I just wasn't sure if anyone else had had it suggested or been down this path.