thread: The Waiting Game & Pregnyl

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    The Waiting Game & Pregnyl

    Thanks ladies for all your helpfull feedback on my abdominal pain & bloating after egg pickup, i am slowly deflating but the tummy is still hard & cant stretch my body like normal as it feels like cramping or something like that. So trying to keep the mind busy as the next 10 days will be the longest. Has anyone felt worse after taking the Pregnyl injections which you take after transfer? What about the progesterone, how does that make you feel? I had post acupuncture too, which is supposed to help the embryo stick to the uterus???

    Well, goodluck to all who had transfers this month!!!!

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    Glad to hear you are feeling better. I didn't have any symptoms with the progesterone so not sure how you will go with that one. The nurses said to me that people seem to vary so widely in their response to the drugs. I also have acupuncture. Have been going for a little while now. My doctor is even in favour of it so I imagine he has seen good results in patients who have had this done.

    Best of luck with everything.


    edited to add: Sorry, I haven't had Pregnyl so can't comment on that one.

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    sorry to hijack your post but i am really interested in how long you both had accupunture for prior to opu and after