thread: What can I do?

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    Blue Sky Guest

    What can I do?

    Hi Ladies,

    I'm probably just beating myself up but was just wondering if anyone can help me. Is there is anything I can specifically "do" to help an embie stick after transfer??

    Although I'm not a big coffee drinker, have decided to give up all caffeine products (albeit gradually - I don't want tim-tam withdrawals).

    And what is the view on the horizontal tango during TWW?

    Was thinking of making an appt with the counsellors after BFN but I dont want to sit around and talk about how I feel about the BFN I want to know why it happened and how I can avoid it next time. 8-[

    ](*,) Blue

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2005

    Hi Blue, I've wondered that myself after every BFN 'What? Why? How? The questions are neverending, along with the emotions. And there are no answers out there at all, it just seems like luck!

    I have heard the thing about caffeine, I've gone onto caffeine free diet coke, & only one cup of tea a day, but I don't think it does anything.

    Sometimes I get a bit huffy & think that why should I not be allowed to do anything in my TWW, how many women out there just don't know they are pg and do lots. (not that I'm going to run a marathon or anything too strenuous) I don't like how TTC puts limitations on what I can or can't do.

    Phew! I think I got that out of my system. I am quite huffy at the moment since just coming off a BFN.
    Hopefully we can exit one by one (if not more) off to the pg forums.

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    ness4 Guest

    Blue ~ I don't think that there is any magic thing to do - just keep going about your life but taking it a little easier - I always do absolutely nothing the day and day after transfer for fear of upsetting the embryo, but like tam said people that don't know they are pg do lots

    I also decided that this time I will give up the coffee (I'm not a big coffee drinker either), but you just never know - I asked the nurses about it they say no more than 3 cups a day, they also said DO NOT drink caffiene free products (tam hope you read this), these are more harmful apparently, also diet softdrinks contain artificial sweetners like aspartamine which most pg books will tell you to avoid


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Feb 2005


    I wish there was a magic bullet for the problem of embryos not sticking after transfer but it seems like a matter of luck sometimes. So many things have to go right for pregnancy to occur at all, even under the usual circumstances. Your distress is heightened by being aware of everything each step of the way. As Tam says, there are no answers sometimes.

    I only JUST gave up the caffeine for this cycle, and even then, it wasn't till I started the Puregon however I don't know how much if any of an effect it had. Like you, I hadn't been much of a drinker anyway (one a day or two at most) so I was more concerned about trying to kick the morning coffee habit before pregnancy to make it easier on myself. I hated that damn headache I got if I didn't have that cup first thing.

    Thinking of you - don't blame yourself because you did nothing wrong. I'm only sorry it couldn't have worked out better.



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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    Hey Blue,

    As the other gals have said, there is not anything that you can do to make the embryos stick (providing that you are not a smoker and are not drinking of course!)

    Sometimes they don't stick because they are just not "right". You can always switch to decaf tea & coffee, which is better for your health anyway, and just make sure that you eat a good diet. I don't think that sex plays any part on making them stick or not stick. Neithor does going home and raising your legs up in the air for days on end. BUT if it makes you happy to do these things, then do them.

    After my transfer with Jack, I went straight back to work, and he stuck. This time, I did some major retail therapy in the city, and they stuck as well. Other girls go through high levels of stress and their embies stick also. A lot of it is down to luck, I think.

    Hang in there, and we are sure to see you in the pg after LT TTC very soon.


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    Blue Sky Guest

    Thank you ladies for your advice and support.
    I must admit to being a little obsessed thinking back and analyisng every mouthful, action and twinge...

    Ness - I had not heard about the aspartamine - that came as a bit of a shock as we don't drink any other softdrink but diet as we thought it was better for us! Sheesh. That's it, diet soft drink is off the shopping list.

    Joja and Melbo - thanks for your kind words. I guess I'm trying to do all I can so that if there is a BFN next time, I can say - well, I did all that I can, I gave myself every chance.

    Tam - sorry to hear about your BFN. I think you're right about it being luck - somewhere somebody is spinning a big wheel and we're all sitting on the edge of our seats holding our ticket waiting for our numbers to come up. (Wonder if I can find out who it is so I can slip them something under the table...)

    Thanks again ladies. It really means alot to me. xxxxxx to all

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    Missy Guest

    There isnt anything you can do. I smoked, had coffee but did pray alot.