thread: What clinics did you use??? Costs vary from clinic to clinic

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    mel3780 Guest

    What clinics did you use??? Costs vary from clinic to clinic

    Hi all,

    I get so confused with everything... i think i try to intake to much at one time...

    We were told at our Tuesday appointment last week that we have to do ICSI and it is going to cost us around the $5500 mark #-o ....

    However, after reading an article in the Sun Hearld yesterday, Westmead clinic is a non profit organisation and by my understanding from there website, they do not charge for the day surgery and we would only be looking at about $2500....

    Does this seem right??? If so, what are the chances we can change from one clinic to another???

    I really hope someone can help.... PLEASE..

    Mel ](*,)

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    Aug 2005
    Hoppers Crossing, VIC

    Hi Mel,
    Once you calculate what medicare cover, that sounds about right. When I first saw the costs I flipped, thought there was no way we'd be able to afford it. But after I'd finished hyperventiliating I realised our out-of-pocket expenses were significantly less. Thank goodness for medicare and the safety net!!! Best of luck!

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    Aug 2005

    Hi Mel
    Yep - costs do vary from clinic to clinic, not quite sure why though.
    I'm with IVF Australia North - Central Coast.
    I had ICSI with donor sperm aiming for blast in August. I had to pay $4025 up front. $105 of that was for the sperm. I couldn't claim any of it back though until my cycle was over.
    I didn't make it to blast - so $650 came off. Medicare gave me back $1905.
    I was $1720 OOP.
    This time it's $200 cheaper as it's a subsequent attempt.
    I also have top medical cover with MBF.
    Have you checked out the 'Costs Involved with IVF' sticky thread?
    You may find some answers there.
    Whereabouts are you? It pays to shop around if that's an option - from what I've seen, success rates don't seem to vary between clinics.
    Good luck

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    I am with WM and whole cycle cost not iCSI was $1300 - once medicare rebate is $340
    ICSI is about extra $500
    you can change clinics and Dr's - just give them as call

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    abs Guest

    Another from Westmead here... Much cheaper than others we looked at, and well, we're at 18.5 weeks now - so a thumbs up with them

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    huge congratulations to you & Jen - so lovely to hear more success stories - goodluck for your scan. :smt023

    I heard a few say they don't get as many success stories but then I read a post somewhere else that said 50% of patients are smokers and lower success rate -plus they take lots of difficult cases and older women (though a big change in policy has been announced -and no more women over 43)

    I have no complaints

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    cazzoom Guest

    Melbourne IVF here and my cycle we paid $1470 only but if we want to do ICSI next tiem it will be an extra $600
    The first cycle we paid $1470 and got $525 back from Medicare!

    From what I gather MIVF is relatively cheap!


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    Jun 2005
    near the water

    When I was getting alittle disgruntled :-({|= , I rang another clinic in Melb and they were alot more expensive than MIVF. I think it also depends on protocol of scans over BT. I didn't mind meeting the big white wand every visit lol.

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    mel3780 Guest

    Westmead, have since sent me a price listing and i have spoken with them on the phone...

    We have figured we can only give them a go... if we don't like it we will just come back to the coast....

    Fingers crossed though that we wont need too....

    Look out Feb, we are going to start our first cycle....

    Thank you all for your response...

    I think with the pricing it just depends on the clinic, westmead is in a hospital so they don't seem to have all the overheads that most of the others do.... Also great for me as my health insurance has not kicked in yet which means we will not have to pay for the day surgery threw westmead, as its included....

    Still amazes me though how you only pay $1800 and by the time you get a refund from medicare your only out of pocket about $650...

    Sounds to good to be true, but i am going to give it a go..


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    starbright Guest

    I had no idea how cheap Westmead was! I'm going through Next Generation Fertility in Sydney. I didn't shop around as I thought they were the cheapest and also the fact my g/f went through them a few months back and fell pregnant first go!

    These are my costs (of what I can remember) for far -

    1st Consultation - $250.00
    2nd Consultation - $130.00
    Sperm Test - $100.00
    ICSI - $2990.00
    Day Surgery - $810.00
    Anaesthetic - still waiting on that..maybe $300.00?

    Because of cycle was cancelled due to hypserstimulation I will be paying this next -

    Freezing Embryos - $225.00
    Next Transfer - $890.00

    Is anyone else going through NGF?

    I guess at the end of the day though, money means jack when you get a BFP!

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    skyelar Guest

    Hi Starbright!

    I am going through Next Generation as well. My Dr refers straight to David Knight, but I am starting to think that Westmead looks a lot better $$$ wise ](*,)

    What to do???


    *edited to say that my Health fund covers Day surgery & a portion of my anethetist (sp?) they will also pitch in for the egg retrieval & transfer but I have no idea how much they cover.

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    starbright Guest

    Skye, I finally went to medicare to see what I could get back and it was $2045!! I thought that was fantastic!! My Anaesthetic bill was $280.00.

    I am going through David Knight and I think he is a legend! And the nurses are just amazing. Whenever I needed a chat or ask about the smallest thing they would help me out. Absolutely no complaints there!!!

    Maybe Westmead is cheaper, but I am happy with the services and the support from NGF. So I'm not going anywhere, especially now!

    I think you have to look at the treatment your getting and if your happy with it. If your already going through NGF then personally I would stick to them.

    Ask around on here as there is alot of girls that have gone through Westmead and have had success stories.

    What stage of your cycle are you up to Skye?

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    skyelar Guest

    Hi Starbright,

    I really liked David as well. Have spoken to hubby & he would rather stay where we are so NGF it is for us as well!!

    I am at the 'what ART do we choose' stage at the moment. #-o
    We are leaning towards ICSI. I had a GTT today & our next appt is next Wednesday. I see him at his Parramatta about you?


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    starbright Guest

    Hey Skye,

    What a coincidence!!! I too am seeing David at his Parramatta office on Wednesday to discuss our next step.

    What times your appointment?

    Your at the exciting stage. Once he tells you what to do..the ball starts rolling from there.

    I will be here for you whenver you need to have a chat...

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    skyelar Guest

    OMG!!!! My appt is at 3pm. What a small world

    Can't wait to hear what he has to say tomorrow. We are hoping to get underway in January

    What time is your appt?


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    starbright Guest

    Skye, our apointment was 10am.

    I am feeling so relieved leaving there today. We had a great chat regarding the eggs that are frozen(7) and he discussed if we wanted them split so we have more tries. We decided against it as if it doesn't happen in 7 tries... then that's it. I know myself and If I lost it after my cancelled cycle last time. I am not prepared to set myself for a let down after let down everytime.

    We were going to do the next transfer early jan, but because they are closing the clinic for xmas break it would have been too rushed, so now it's the end of Jan beginning of Feb depending when the wicked witch arrives!! So 2 more periods to go!!

    What did he say to you? When are you starting?

    I hope I have someone to go through it with!!

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    skyelar Guest

    Ohh Starbright!! *waves madly*
    I was checking out everyone in the waiting room wondering if you were there! LOL

    I start with the nasal spray on the 21st of Dec & we are hoping to do an ICSI in January. I am CD8 at the moment so perfect timing for the Chrissy break. I will use the spray till they reopen in Jan then start injections.

    I am a teacher so this timing is great for us as we are on school holidays. This way I wont have to worry about rushing back to work etc!
    Hopefully we will bump into each other at NGF!


    edited because I was so caught up in my "ME" mode that I didn't say that I am glad you are relieved about your appt today. Fingers crossed one of your 7 lil guys will do the trick!! \/