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    TTC4DH&ME Guest

    Post What Comes Next!

    OK so I have been TTC 4 2.7 years now I am FINALLY going to a specialist on the 2nd Nov (so long away) but so far
    I have been using maby baby, OPK, temp checking *sometimes all at once* but to no avail!
    I have had
    A blood test 21 day progesterone test
    and an internal ultrasound (both Normal)

    Hubby has a SA Sperm count 3 times higher than normal Moph was lower than normal but according to a specialist that the Dr consulted it should balance out!!!!
    We are going to just do every second day for the next few cycles and see what happens but what I want to know is what has happened for other couples that have had unexplained infertility issues testing wise
    and any other suggestion I can try I am so over this
    we are young I am 26 OH is 25!!! I had a termination 7 years ago (Please dont attack me I had my reasons and still stand by them even now) and apparently and problems from that would have showed up by now!

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    Hey TTC4DH&ME


    We've been trying for about the same time as DH also has an "excellent" (GP's word) sperm count...I have had some Gyn-y problems in the past but they are reportedly all fixed and shouldn't be interrupting our fertility... we are...still trying...

    We're heading to another specialist next month so he can help us out...but like you, we don't have any reasons to explain why we are in the situation...even my age shouldn't be a problem (so the doctor says)

    I've recently joined up to fertility friend for charting...I've charted in the past but not always consistently...but this is really helping me to chart and know when we need to be BD-ing more accurately...

    I hope you find BB a great support...I certainly am...

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    ~Jane~ Guest


    Hi and welcome to BB. Goodluck with your appointment.

    I just wanted to say, you are not the only one in our little community that has had a termination. Quite a few girls have mentioned the same thing in the time I have been on here and no one bats an eyelid. I know there are other sites around that stir up muck about that but I think you will find that in here we are all very calm and respect others decisions. While I haven't been down that path myself, I have noticed on the main board there is a closed support area if that is of interest to you.

    Has your DH seen anyone about his morphologu, while his count might be high that could be an issue I would have thought. My DH had issues with morphology, motility and count caused by varicoceles which he had corrected but our FS mentioned that even when count his high morph can cause problems.

    Goodluck, I am sure you will find the ladies in here to be a wonderful support.

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    Hi! Welcome to BB!
    We are another couple that have unexplained infertility. I have had BT's and ultrasounds, DH's SA is normal. Although we haven't been trying as long as you (21 months), as soon as we saw a fertility specialist he suggested IVF.
    That was back in May. We took a couple of months to think things through and save some $$ before getting our preliminary IVF tests done and now here we are, waiting for AF to arrive so I can start my 1st down reg IVF cycle.
    It seems that every doctor is different and will have another way of going about things, but I guess when you see your FS he will probably want to do more tests before deciding how to proceed.
    Good luck with it all..... I know it's a long wait until your appt but that must be a sign that he's a good doctor and worth waiting for!

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    Like so many others it seems we also fall into the unexplained category.

    I have found that GPs often really are not 100% sure what they are talking about and the thing about your DH's morphology issues balancing out because the count is higher - Im pretty sure isnt quite right. Seeing a fetrility specialist/reproductive endocrinologist will just give you that reassurance. Unfortunately there are tonnes of tests that should be looked into that often arent - thyroid test, antiboides tested (both yourself and your partner), and lots more....

    Hoping you dont have to go there and find success real soon!

    (Dont worry about mentioning the termination - despite people having opinions about it, the good thing about BB is that we mostly choose to keep our views like that to ourselves and not judge others for different views...)

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    Welcome to BB

    DH and I tried 7 years naturally, and were classed as Unexplained Infertility after the following tests were performed;

    had a laparoscopy, mainly to try to identify terrible AF pains...Nothing found!
    I had blood tests of all sorts, mainly checking thyroid, and hormones..All good.
    DH had sperm tests; All good nothing wrong there
    Had ultrasound of the uterus; nothing found
    Had a test to see if my tubes were blocked; found nothing wrong there.
    Had another laparoscopy; found nothing!
    Cant remember any other tests...
    We tried a few months on Clomid. This didnt work
    We then tried a tracking cycle, which didnt work
    Tried 2 IUI cycles which again didnt work
    Then success on our first Stim IVF cylce...Go figure??

    Its so frustrating when you know there is nothing wrong with you, so i really do empathise with you!

    I wish you the best of luck, with falling pregnant. Dont give up hope yet hun

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    TTC4DH&ME Guest


    I suppose that at this stage I should mention that DH and I have decided that we are not going to go the IVF route as we decided we are to young to stress out just yet and I honestly dont think I am strong enough to handle that kind of thing ( in saying that we might change our mids after another year or 2 grrrrrrrrrr)

    the local GP consulted a FS as to DH's SA results so unless told otherwise by the FS at our app we are considering things to be fine, I have had full blood counts done also including thyroid ect ect
    DONT THINK DONT THINK DONT STRESS DONT STRESS!!!! ( hard not to when I am really starting to want it more than anything)

    Has anyone had favorable results with Nartopath I am going to try BOWEN also ( had wonderful results with the horses and they say they can help with fertility)

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