thread: What if I have no endo symtomps???

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    Maya Guest

    What if I have no endo symtomps???

    Hi All,

    I had my ultra-sound yesterday and the radiologist found "more" than what they were looking for. Uterus is fine but on the right ovary, he suspects endo and on the left, some kinda cysts that will probably require surgery to remove it

    Thing is I have had no symptoms of endo. I have regular cycles, no extreme pain during AF, no facial hair problem, no pain during BD.. FF indicattes ovulation every cycle .. so where did this come from?

    I will be going to see my family doc on Wednesday to see what she has to advise; at the mean time, I am feeling very drained and pessimistic about this whole TTC.

    Any word of wisdom is welcome and muchly appreciated.

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    Feb 2005

    Hi Maya
    Endo is a strange thing, I think the problem they have with determining it's cause & cure is that it is different for everyone.
    I also have endo. I only found out through a lap when I'd been TTC for a year. I also had absolutely no symptons at all, and I had a severe case!
    I ended up with my DD using clomid & a trigger shot for O.
    Now, I get the symptons of endo, strange and getting worse. I've had 2 more laps and now having IUIs. I still feel very confident that I'll have another baby, even if it means getting a bit of help.
    Just keep positive & just know that it will happen.
    Good luck.

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    Maya Guest

    Hi Tam!

    Thank you for the speedy response. I really appreciate it.

    I am so sick of this "every woman is different" crap. Pardon me for venting. Anyway, it is so good to hear that you had your DD after you discovered you had endo; that really gives me hope. I do have a question though; were you not ovulating before they found it? I have been TTC for over 15 months now and in each cycle, FF indicates I ovulated mostly on very CD 14 or 15 in a regular 28-29 cycle. That's why I am so thrown off.

    So, maybe I will be recommended lap next, huh? I have been wondering if I need to take some days off from work after that lap. Will I need that?

    I hope my doc will refer me to a GYN this time round [-o<

    Again, thank you, Tam and Good luck with your TTC dust: :bdust:

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    Sep 2004

    When I had my lap I did need to take the next day off. It was painful to pee (sorry if TMI), but otherwise not too bad. Mostly just a little draining/tiring.

    Really hope everything gets sorted out and you get your much wanted bub soon [-o< .


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    Feb 2005

    Hi again Maya
    Both me & DH had the various tests and we were both fine. I think with my irregular cyles I never knew when I was ovulating, and really still don't, I have been having 35 day cycles.
    It sounds like you will need to have a lap done, if not for diagnosis, definately for peace of mind. It takes out the stress of guess work.
    I guess I put total faith into my doctor (OBGYN) that he would work it all out, and well, he did. Thus DD.
    I've had 3 laps, whilst you do feel like a truck's run over you, it does depend on what they find. If no problems, less recovery. If there is something, be ready for the recovery. I've had about a week off after each. Always playing it 'safe', so that recovery is good. If I recover sooner, I get bonus days off.
    My main advise is to take it easy afterward because you don't realise how much you use your abdo muscles. The nurses at the hospital will give you advice on how to do thing to minimise the discomfort.


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    Feb 2005

    Hi Maya,

    Unfortunately for some, endometriosis can be completely asymptomatic so quite a few people don't realise they have it. Hence, it is fairly insidious and can become quite established before it is detected. I had a fairly good idea that I had it, having had spotting and painful periods for most of my adult life.

    That said, once you get yourself a lovely surgeon who will go in there and clear it up for you, you have a really good chance of conceiving, providing there are no other issues.

    As you are discovering, it is really a process of elimination. But as you know well, by the time you have sought the help of an infertility specialist, you can be some way down the track and it is difficult to remain patient and focused during the investigations. It is however of some relief to find out that there is a problem. At least you know what you are dealing with and it makes the next step much clearer for you.

    I wish you luck with your tests and I hope everything goes well. Let us know how you get on.

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    Maya Guest

    Thanks Keen, Melbo and Tam!

    Now I know that much more. I can brace myself for lap or surgery.

    Melbo: That's right! I do feel better to have discovered it. No more wild goose chase

    Again gals, thank you very much for sharing your experience with me.

    dust: :bdust: for us all

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    Sep 2004

    Good luck Maya. Endo is an insidious disease but is manageable and you can fall pg while being a suffering - it just takes a bit more work. I've had 11 laps for it and all the drug regimes since being 17. But on IVF attempt#4 we were successful and DD is turning 3 very soon.

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    Maya Guest

    Hi Sheree! I am so happy about your DD I hope I will be as lucky too.


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    Nov 2004

    me too!

    Hi maya,

    I just found out that i have endo too! i did have symtoms though it still took them more that six months to work it out! I am in the proces of booking in for a lap now. Maybe you should speak to your doctor and ask to be referred on to a gyno.

    Take care and good luck!