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Thread: What's the next step?

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    Default What's the next step?

    Hi all,

    DH & I have been ttc for 14 cycles for # 2 bubs. Our DD took around 14 cycles to conceive. I was diagnosed with pco's by ultrasound in 2002. My last 14 cycles are below.

    Do I go to my GP for a referral to a FS or do you think she will want to run some more blood tests/ultrasound?

    Are FS the only ones who prescribe metformin and clomid and what is normally prescribed first?

    Do I need to chart before I see a FS?

    Any advice appreciated!
    Thanks ladies.

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    Hi Ella's mum

    I too have PCOS and i was perscribed by my FS at the tender age of 13!!ive been on and off it, i do usually get my scrips from my FS but sometimes my gp will give me a repeat.(he and my fs are in good consultation).

    I guess your first script would be with your fs but you do need to be monitored with dosage as it can make you really sick (i know!)nothing more then vomiting and the runs.

    increase your dose slowly and only take it within 1/2 hr of food before OR after. but please go by what your fs says. you may only need one tablet a day, i take two but when i was 13 they had me on it 3 times a day

    Good luck

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    Thanks Loula!

    How come they put you on it at 13? (If you don't mind me asking)

    Wishing you love and luck!!

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    Hi Ellas mum,
    I was diagnosed with PCOS after coming off the pill to ttc#1 and had no periods for 6mo. I went to the GP and got a referral to a FS. She gave me a script for clomid (first dose was 50mg and did nothing, 2nd cycle i had 100mg and got a BFP).
    I went back to my FS when we wanted to ttc#2 4months ago and have been on 100mg clomid each cycle since and only BFNs so far!
    I didn't chart at all, but I'm going to start for the next cycle, so i'm sure you don't have to chart before seeing a FS. But I guess the more info you have on your own cycle the better.

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    Hi Ellasmum
    I too have PCOS and also endometriosis. I was prescribed Chlomid by my gyno and didnt see an FS until I'd already been on it for approx 9 months with no results. We finally conceived after 18 months of TTC. The Chlomid and metformin didnt wok in my case and I had to have other fertility treatment but of course all cases are different. If your seeing a gyno they would be able to prescribe it for you but if you've been TTC for 14 cycles I'd say they'd refer you to an FS anyway.

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    Thanks LG,

    I'd rather not chart as I get a little too 'obsessed' about TTC when I do! I've only done it once, but I'll give it a go next cycle just out of interest.

    When I first came off the pill I had no period for 12 months. Gotta be a pco's thing hey!?
    Good luck with your TTC # 2 mission. Will be keeping an eye out for you!

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    Thanks Tina & congrats on your pregnancy!

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