thread: Who's already had an IVF baby?

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    Sep 2004

    Who's already had an IVF baby?

    I'm just wondering whether there is anyone out there like me? Or am I just pushing my luck, with the rollercoaster?

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    May 2004

    No Sheree Jack is an IVF baby. My girlfriend in Sydney has also had two IVF babies and I think in the future she will go for a third.

    For some reason it seems to take longer the second time round? It was much easier with Jack, even though it had taken so much longer with all the stoopid UK testing and crap we had to do before moving over here, then having to do more crap again once in Australia. This time around it has taken more IVF attempts.

    Another girlfriend here in town, has had 7 attempts (I think?? I have lost count!) now. She has a daughter (IVF) the same age as Jack. She is only a little older than me and it makes you wonder why it is not happening again.

    I think a lot of it is also down to luck. After all, everytime the "normal" couple have sex, they don't get pregnant.

    But this probably hasn't reassured you

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    Apr 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    Sheree - I have and IVF baby and am about to start trying for #2, hopefully next month if my Dr will let me. I'm as scared as hell that this time around will take longer (1st go last time). I guess at least we know our bodies can hold a pregnancy and carry it through full term. I'm so grateful for my little miracle boy but it doesn't stop me from wishing to complete my family with another.

    You do whatever feels right - if you can handle the rollercoaster - it's your right to try EVERY possible means to get the job done. I see people live with regret and it eats away at them till they are bitter and angry.

    You're obviously a strong woman and a fantastic mum - as long as you have a good support base - I know your dreams can come true.

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    Nov 2004

    trust me you are definately not the only one out there. I don't know if you rememeber me but I have 2 1/2 year old twins conceived on our 2nd pickup and third cycle with IVF. It is amazing how many IVF kids are out there, but unforntuanately it is not spoken about - amlost taboo.

    At a guess, out of my friends in the twin club, over half of them have conceived their twins through IVF. They are the only people that i speak openly about IVF with.

    Hang in there girl!! You are not doing this in vein. I believe that the harder that it is to conceive them, the more you apreciate them!!!!! Every day i thank my lucky stars- even when they are being terror!!!!!
    Good luck and IT WILL HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. i am feeling girl vibes around you and I am never wrong!!!!
    mum to Ariel and Immogen

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    Jun 2005

    Hi Sheree,
    I am currently 8 weeks with an IVF baby (something i thought i would never need to do) and am so glad i put myself through it.

    It is as you said a rollercoaster. I am not sure how my DH put up with me, but i know he just wanted me to be happy and stop blaming myself for not falling pg naturally. After TTC for 12 months and heading off to the IVF clinic i was not sure what to expect, how long it would take or if it would work. But I stayed focussed and put myself first for a change and pursevered, even though at times I wanted to throw the towel in. I knew if i got my end result it would all be worth it.

    It worked 1st go which we were shocked about and not expecting. My DH had broached the subject of how many attempts we would have but i could not answer him in fear that the counts would come and go and I would have to stop.

    I know personally in our friends circle - one set of IVF twins, a single IVF baby and another friend is undergoing injections now leading to pick up.

    Good luck and keep at it, i have my for you

    Kas :flower:

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    Sep 2004

    Ohhhh Odette, you have me intrigued about your "girl vibes...." tell me more.... 8-[

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    Mar 2005
    Bunbury, WA

    It is amazing how many IVF kids are out there, but unforntuanately it is not spoken about - almost taboo.
    Oh that is so sad hun.. especially when you think, these babies are real miracles to be here with us.. Hopefully in the future this changes..

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    Jan 2005

    Sheree My sister has 1y.o IVF twins and at her work there were 2 other girls pg with IVF twins at the same time!! (unfortunately one girl lost hers at 20wks) so there are plenty out there!!

    Good luck on the rollercoaser!!!

    :hbeat: Shez xo

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    Missy Guest

    Hi there,

    Im 13 weeks PG with a baby through the IVF. Im abit worried as im Bleeding and have abit of pain. I have spoken to alot a ladies here and they have done IVF or known some one and I feel alot better now. Im still worried but my Doc says everything is fine. Ive had weekly visits and after last Friday have been told I can go to fortnightly visits.Woooohoooo. LOL. Ive seen my baby grow Weekly as he has an ultrasound in his office and put me on quickly to see the baby. He is happy with me and says maybe the bleeding is my cervix, which makes me abit scared as I only have 1/2 cervix. But he is happy with me so I guess I should stop worrying but its hard. oh by the way, My IVF worked first go. My hubby and I know that God made it happen. We believe that totally as we have lots of faith in him and prayed alot. Anyway. Good luck to all.

    Missy [-o<

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    Sep 2004

    I've just updated DD's website, it makes me feel better to think that if it happened once SURELY it can happen again..... O

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    Nov 2004

    it will happen again Sheree!!!
    p.s i sense a girl and a little boy around you. Get these vibes that i just have to accept. I know that it is going to happen for you soon.
    i pick up on energy. Don't know if you are open or believe that type of stuff, but just my feelings.

    good luck with this cycle and take care

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    Sep 2004

    Sheree - Nicola's website is great, She is such an adorable little girl and with SO much personality!

    You must be proud and so grateful for her.

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    Sep 2004

    Thanks Keen- I am very grateful for having her.

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    DASH Guest

    Hi Sheree,

    I have an aunt and three good friends who have all had IVF babies, as well as my little miracle (32 weeks and counting). They all went on to have more than one successful cycle, so it definitely can happen.

    Good luck and hang in there,


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    Melody Guest

    Good luck Sheree! I'm about to have my first IVF baby & we fell pregnant first time around. I have been told, quite unambiguously, that mysef & DH will never concieve naturally so I do find myself thinking about when we will 'go the next round'. We want 3 children & fairly close together.

    BTW, with regard to the situation, 'not being spoken about'.... DH & I made the decision right from the start that we were not going to treat ourselves like freaks or superstars & we talked about IVF quite openly.....

    I was running my own business at the time, with loads of regular customers, & I even think the local butcher knew we were doing IVF. It is nothing to be ashamed of & talking about it gave us immense power, support & strength. Also we were blown away (I mean REALLY) by the amount of people who said "Oh, I went through IVF too" or "My sister's going through it right now".... you are far from alone

    Good luck!

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    Jun 2005
    near the water

    My 5 month old is an IVF ICSI FET cycle. I was also restricted to single transfers as a incomp cervix. So my odds of preg were halved eached cycle. But on a good note. Of this cycle the prev 3 trans were better quality embies but for some reason this one took. I think it is all a horrible waiting game. I have 3 frozen embies and are intending to use them in the future...but after that I think we are luckier than some couples.
    Good luck

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    Sep 2004

    I just came back to this thread as I have been feeling down again. Thanks for you kind words ladies. It helps me threw.

    Ohh and Odette I am very open to 'these' things.