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Thread: Will IVF clinic repeat tests?

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    Default Will IVF clinic repeat tests?

    If you have had tests (blood day 21 prog, semen tests, laparoscopy, etc) with a gynae before then being referred to fs, do you have to do the above tests again for the fs? Would just like to hear about your experiences.

    I guess that it will depend on the clinic and/or the fs. I am considering going with Concept or Fertility Specialists in Perth.


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    i didn't go to either of the clinics you've mentioned, but our first appointment with FS, i walked out with not only the above tests, but a pathology form full of tests to carry out for both myself and DH - if you're going to go through treatment, they do immunology and STD examinations as a matter of course for both your own safety and for that of the staff that will be working with you.

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    We found that our FS pretty much wanted to do all his own tests, despite what we already had, and then did a whole lot more on top of that!

    It seems that in the area of semen analysis, they can be pretty fussy. We had one done through the normal pathology centres (ordered by gyn), we'd then had another SA done through a specialist semenologist (ordered by my acupuncturist), but our FS still insisted on yet another one... and poor DH had to have yet another when we sought a second opinion from another FS - poor bloke!

    The blood test stuff seems to be fairly standard. As BG said, they will do full STD screens before anything starts, and will generally get the standard hormone tests done on top of that. I've still escaped so far without having to have a laparoscopy...

    Hope this helps somehow...


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