thread: Woman blames IVF for her crime!

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    Sep 2004

    Woman blames IVF for her crime!

    This was in the Australian about a week ago:

    A TASMANIAN woman was on the IVF program and taking a course of drugs that made her act irrationally when she defrauded her employer, a court was told yesterday.

    Tanya Jan Woolley was was depressed and trying to get pregnant, her lawyer Jim Wilkinson told the Hobart Magistrates Court.

    He said the drugs caused the 27-year-old to suffer problems consistent with menopause, including irrational behaviour.

    Mr Wilkinson said the crimes Woolley committed were irrational and carried out while she was on the IVF program.

    Woolley, of Conlans Rd, Huonville, had been employed as a law clerk at Huonville law firm Baker Tierney and Wilson.

    Between July 2002 and June last year she made more than 200 claims for reimbursement for money she had not spent.

    The claims included travel, phone calls, parking, entertainment, food, gifts and overtime.

    Woolley pleaded guilty yesterday to a raft of charges relating to dishonestly acquiring a financial advantage. The offences involved a total of $7720.

    Mr Wilkinson said Woolley's condition at the time of her offences was made worse by depression.

    "The defendant can't explain why she committed the crimes," he said.

    "She did not need the money."

    Mr Wilkinson said Woolley was depressed about being unable to conceive and had been through the IVF program five times.

    The program was unsuccessful and Woolley and her husband had begun looking into adoption, he said.

    Mr Wilkinson said Woolley felt guilty about what she had done and felt she had let herself and her family down.

    He said she now felt uncomfortable walking down the street in Huonville because she knew people in the small community were talking about her.

    Woolley and her husband were now looking at moving away from the area.

    Magistrate Michael Hill said he would sentence Woolley on May 13 and continued her bail.

    What do people think about this one?


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    Jun 2003

    Yep we really do live in a pass the buck society. I just kept hearing Vicki Pollard (Little Britain) going "Yeah, but no but!" When I read the lawyers comments. What a complete crock, I am sorry but I can only imagine what its like to be on IVF and from what I understand clomid tricks my body into thinking its going through menopause but you don't see me doing that??? Take responsibility for your actions :evil:

    Sorry but I hate the way our society has become when it comes to blame & law suits etc...


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    Feb 2005

    Nobody is responsible for anything any more.

    What a stupid cow.

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    Sep 2004

    I know! It just adds to the misconceptions about IVF and not only that but even menopause!

    Nobody takes responsibility for their own actions anymore - and whats worse is society lets them.


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    Mar 2005
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    ITA... people just try to blame anything! And dont think of how that effects other people, like others using IVF and the IVF system itself.. how totally selfish..


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    Nov 2004

    just a short note... the lawyer will only tell the court what the client wants him/her to say... the lawyer was probably instructed to put that story!

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    Sal Guest

    Can see your point, Divvy (don't want to lawyer-bash O ) but someone must have come up with the idea, and from the sounds of it the silly cow herself sounds far too stoopid to come up with such a defense!

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    Jun 2004

    And we wonder why the general publiuc has such a bad notion of IVF when they read sh*t like that!!


    Does more harm than good for the majority of us!!


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    Jan 2005
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    geez people will trry anything, sympathy seems to work better than the truth in court sometimes.

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    Feb 2005
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    goodness people do try to make excuses for everything don't they...

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    Mar 2005

    What a crock! And we wonder why kids don't take responsibility for their actions...