thread: Any teachers out there?

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    Mar 2005

    Any teachers out there?

    I have heard from various unconfirmed sources that you have to start leave at 34 weeks while others say 36. Does anyone know which it is? Although I suppose it doesn't matter too much as last day of the year I would be 34 weeks. However, A year runs from end of Jan to end of Jan so I would still have to be paid up until then and then my maternity leave would start - 9 weeks full-pay / 18 weeks half-pay.

    Anyone know if this is right? I would ring the union but I'm not a member and their website is useless to non-members.

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    May 2003
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    Bek, I am not a teacher, but spent a lot of time working for the Dept of Education (DEET) in the NT.....but I am not sure if the policies are the same across all states? Theirs was flexible, just like the overall mat leave policies, ie that you have 52 weeks, and can finish up at any time, and return 52 weeks later......

    That said, most of the teachers I came across who took leave took it from the end of term closest to about 35 weeks, if they could.....

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    Mar 2005

    Ok, the information I have been able to find says that you need a medical certificate to work after 34 weeks. That won't be a problem because our last week of the school year is exactly when I will be 34 weeks!

    I can't return exactly 52 weeks later though, duh! It does mean that I will be home until bubs is almost 1, depending on arrival date.

    The other thing I need to know now is abot pay arrangements. By my calculations we get paid a full year from end Jan to end Jan so in effect my mat leave pay won't start until about a week before bubs is due. If I take it at half-pay I should still be getting paid until mid-year!

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    OMG Bek!!!

    I am so sorry but...


    Man i am so slow!

    Do you work public or private??

    Public system has 14 weeks paid maternity leave...but unfortunatley cannot be paid at 28weeks half pay (bugga!!).

    I am assuming our yearly salary is based on "jan to dec".

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    Mar 2005

    I'm in private so only get 9 weeks paid. I'm not sure if it can be taken at half-pay either. We are paid start of school year to day before start of next school year (generally applies to contracts too)

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    This prob is irrelevant cos I am in the public system. With my 2nd pg I was on a 1yr contract. I had 12 weeks pd mat leave which couldn't be taken at half pay. I planned to work till 38wks, had Drs certificates from 34wks but was mentally exhausted and emothional, so took 1 weeks sick leave and commenced my leave at 38 weeks, which was term 2 school hols. I had all of term 3 off and returned first day of term 4.

    With my 3rd I had a permanent position and had the option of Family leave, which is 12wks pd + my postition is held for 7yrs in lieu for me. I can return at the beginning of any yr as long as I let the school know by Nov the yr before (essentially I can return with a terms notice if I really want to). I actually was 32wks end of term 4 but returned first day of term 1, exactly 38wks, so I got pd all my holiday pay, which was great.

    After the 7yrs I can also apply for leave without pay which is what I intend to do, so I am home for my last childs prep yr.

    Hope yours is sorted out soon. It is better to leave at the end of a term but you don't have to and the longer you work bf the birth the longer you get to be home with your bub.

    Cheers michelle