thread: Anyone know about Paternal Leave?

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    Anyone know about Paternal Leave?

    My DH is trying to organise now for his paternal leave and holidays for the time when bubs is due. Does anyone know what the deal is legally with paternal leave? He has been at his job for 3 years when bub is due and will have three weeks holidays owing.

    thanks in advance!

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    I'm not exactly sure for private sector, but my DH works for NSW government & he is entitled to the same amount of time as for maternity leave - 6weeks I think.

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    Andrew works for a factory and doesn't get paternal leave. Only the 4 weeks holiday given to them annually. He had just passed 10yrs service there last year so was given 13wks Long Service. As he had no actual holidays (they accrue over the year) he has taken 4 weeks out of his long service leave to be home.

    Sorry didn't really help you any did it LOL

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    DH's company gives 5 days paternity leave, unless I don't stay at home then he gets the same as maternity leave which is mostly unpaid... 5 days and then unpaid leave... but he also gets 5 days/year of family leave, in case I get sick and can't care for the child and he has to stay home, this started after 5 years with the company(this is paid leave) #-o too bad we just found out, otherwise when I was sick he could have stayed home to look after me!! LOL! Otherwise he is taking 5 days paternity leave and 2 weeks holiday leave... that should be 3 weeks after the birth off....