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    Well since not having to go to work since March 06... im finally going back into the work place!!

    I have been offered an office job at DH work. 2 days a week, doing paperwork, data enrty, payroll etc.

    Not something ive ever done before but will be a new experiance. My friend is going to look after Chelsea for me.

    Im happy ill be working and getting out of the house... but im soo worried about DD and leaving her. I hate being separated from her... and it will be 11 hour days! Leave home to drop off DD at 8am and i wont see her til 7-730pm at night again.

    My friend has a 22 month old DD as well, she loooves Chelsea heaps.

    I guess i should be glad i have been given the opputunity to work again.. and it is only 2 days a i have 3 days mummy/daughter time.... and then the weekend for family time. PLUS ill get to see DH more then just a few hours at night beofre we go to bed

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    Woohoo that soudns great. Congrats!
    and how nice of your friend to look after Chelsea for you too

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