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    While I'm not yet pg, dh and I are already discussing what's going to happen when the times comes and we have a little one. As we can't really live on his salary alone, I assume that I will have to return to work. Which sort of puts us in a pickle...........there is no childcare available in our fairly remote area and small town, aside from hiring a babysitter, and I just can't see me ever leaving my only months old baby in the hands of someone I barely even know.

    Dh says that you get some kind of benefits from the government after the baby is born. I know about the $3000 thingo, but he says there are other things you get. I can't find any information on it, and don't know anyone that I would feel comfortable asking.

    I personally think it would be great to stay home with my little one at least until he/she has started school.

    Anybody have any info, or links to sites I could check out? Ta!

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    In terms of government payments, I have found that the best and only true way of getting the absolute facts re entitlements is when you actually call into a Centrelink office (or Medicare family branch) and sit down with them and go through it on their computer.

    The Centrelink phone line on 13 10 21 is a handy tool, as is the Centrelink Website, so maybe check the website out adn then get confirmation with a face to face chat, meaning you can get a really clear picture of all of your entitlements without misunderstandings!

    Best of luck,

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    Do a search for Family Assistance Office. They have a calculator type thing where you can put in your husbands income, your income if any and how many children 0-5 etc (so put 1 that way you know roughly what it will be like when you have one) then it gives you an estimate of how much you can get with Family tax benefit A & B


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    What Lucy & Kathryn have said is what I did and found that I earned the same $$ through the Gov & working if I work two days a week... thats including the family assistence A & B and childcare benefit. Its definately worth checking out.

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    Family Tax Benefit can be really hard to understand sometimes. Just make sure the when you estimate, that you allow for bonuses, overtime etc. Also if you will stop work 1/2 way through the financial year, put down what you have already earnt. and if you may go back put down an estimation of what you think you may earn for that financial year.

    There is now so many different ways you can recieve FTB it can get confusing, but the new rules actually do make it easier to estimate if anyone is self-employed or a seasonal worker.

    I am on mat leave from the Family Assistance Office, and will be returning soon (YUK), but if anyone has any questions or if you find it hard to get your head around the whole thing, I am happy to try and help.


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    We have over estimated to the base rate & opted to not receive it fortnightly so we get a lump sum payment at end of financial year!
    I am appreantly classed as current, does that meant I don;t have to lodge a claim...

    I must admit most years we have to pay back monies as it has been difficult even when I was calling in DH's income fortnightly! They managed to say we had done something wrong & so we did not receive the $600 payment & we owed $200? I think they jibbed us & spoke to various persons that all said lodge a complinat but after 3 months of ongoing sagas I just gave up!

    My G/F works at C/link & get's over payments all the time!

    They are funny, so I am hoping this year from the lump sum or I will spit chips as they suggested this way as best! Plus we will be well under the amount we estimated!!!

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    It's always worth a complaint, but I couldn't even work out the story with the $600 thing. We missed the $600 for Mitchell AND the $3000 too.

    It should be pointed out more clearly - when you ring thro earnings, it doesn't actually have any bearing on the income estimate you give for FTB. It is competley separate.
    If you are classed as current I would take that to mean you are currently eligible, but that you will rec FTB at the end of the year. Also that, once both your tax returns are in at the end of the fin yr, the ATO will automatically transfer your income info to C'Link and will generate yr payment without a claim hving to be put in. If you are paid based on actual income, there will be no overpayment.

    You can get some FTB thro the year and the rest in a lump sum if you like. Like I said, it is worth putting in a complaint as that means that someone will have to go right thro the issue again, and the mistake could be picked up. This does take a bit of time, although it shouldn't.

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    What is the $600 thing i have heard people talking about it but havent wantted to ask, my son is 11 months old will i get it?

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    Geez, now they call it a Supplement. Check your bank account first, they tend to just put it in without notifying you. You may have to call FAO to check if you get it etc 13 6150, they are open from 8am to 8pm and on some Saturdays. Mainly cos no one can understand how it works and whats going on, including me.