thread: Child Care - Waiting Lists & Fees

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    Dec 2004

    Child Care - Waiting Lists & Fees

    Hi Guys,

    Unfortunately I'm one of those people who will have to go back to work, although I do hope to take 12 months maternity leave. Without my salary, there's just no way we can afford to pay the mortgage.

    Just wondered though, if anyone can tell me when I should start looking at child care centres, and roughly how much I can expect to pay in fees in Sydney (I know there's also been a past thread on child care fees) - I've heard horror stories about 18 month waiting lists...

    I live northern beaches, Sydney.


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    Nov 2004


    If Sydney is anything like Melbourne, start looking now.


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    Nov 2004

    day care

    I agree melbourne is terrable so i think you should put your name down for as many places as possible.

    Prices do vary some child care centres offer more activities than others there for cost more so be very aware of that.

    Good Luck!!

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    I believe the northern beaches is like that too, I have 4 friends with babies and two are in child care, one was on a waiting list for 15 months and the other got in straight away in Lane Cove, so I guess it depends on the centre and things like that. I would check with centres in your area and find out what they think and if you need too, put your name down and when you expect to start now. We've had problems in Brissy with it, and have found that there are alternatives, but its hard to get in still.

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    Mar 2005

    Bertie, we will be in a similar situation. I have visited some of the child care centres close to home recently and they have all said to put my name down ASAP when I'm pregnant.

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    Margot_In_Oz Guest

    Hi Christy,

    I'm in Brisbane also - Carindale actually. Do you have any hints about childcare here? I'm going to need to put our baby into some form of childcare from approx 3 months, as I work from home but have a hectic work schedule.


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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    I've been told the best childcare is community based. So start looking now LOL, they are the ones that are harder to get into. I was also really interested in family day care, but they don't have as many spaces for bubs under 15 months. I'm in Wynnum and am on two waiting lists of community based day care and have been since Matilda was 4 weeks old. I knew that the waiting list was long and I figured she'd go in at 1.5 years... but she's in a smaller private one at the moment close to home and I'm really happy with it. She's only there one day a week and when we went to phone around day cares I found 3 with spaces available, and only liked one after going in and looking around. And none had full-time availability, only 1-2 days. I've been given some questions to ask re: centres I might start a new topic about this....

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    Margot_In_Oz Guest

    Thanks Christy, and yes, that would be great re the questions.

    I think I will just have to go round and check out a few centres. And now, while I'm 14 weeks pregnant, rather than later.

    Thankfully I'm a consultant who's home based (except for some meetings), so if worst comes to worst, I will try to look after the baby while I work, with a little help from relatives.

    Although I think I'll find it more difficult in reality. My DH doesn't think I'll be able to do it and that I'm kidding myself. And as I've never had a baby before, I really won't know til the time comes.