I have read this post for the very first time & I am gutted & disgusted that a human treats another human with such disrespect!

I have had other children call Maddison dirty skin, as she has dark skin due to her fathers black skin! I think she is adorable & would kill for her skin colour, you would have been proud of me in Safeway letting everyone know what sort of animals these kids were & told the Mother she outta keep them on a leash if they can't act like humans & then I gave her what for, for bringing her children up to be racist!!!! She could not pay & get outta there quick enough! Luckily I had beebn Deli manager at the store years before & most Staff know me & my vicious mouth & so do most of the regular customers!!!

Ragged Blossom, I am eager to hear how your little man is doing!! I hope the Chicken farmer Boss guy gets clucked up the Ar*e!!!!

I also am certain your DH will have a better job!!!!