thread: FULLTIME MUM - Wants to return to work after long break.

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    FULLTIME MUM - Wants to return to work after long break.

    I have already had almost 5 yrs away from my main career in IT. I am planning to have at least another 2 yrs away and return to work full-time, when my 3rd and last child is 4yrs old and when I return to Sydney (I have been living in NZ for the last 2 yrs).

    I want to plan my return to work, I don't feel my skills have diminished only improved and matured!!!!

    Any suggestions for me ???? :-s

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    It is probably good to start some planning now, for your confidence if nothing else.

    I have not been in your position, but I guess that it is down to confidence and being passionate about what you do.

    So in that respect, I'd probably suggest:

    ~ Read all relevant publications in your field between now and starting to look for work: that way you will feel up to date with developments etc
    ~ Check out online job sites to see what is currently available, and see how you stack up against selection criteria......are there any additional courses that you can attend over the next 2 years that will enhance your resume? This will no dount really boost your confidence, as well as looking very proactive to a potential employer
    ~ Start there anyone in Sydney that you know that is working in your industry?

    Not sure if any of the above ideas help..............?