thread: Going back to work after baby

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    Going back to work after baby

    Hi Ladies
    Just wandering if you went back to work full time or part time after your babies were born? Did you go back to work? How long did you take off from work for maternity leave?

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    I was totally confused about this when I was pregnant, as I had no idea what I would want to do once Olivia was born as I couldn't predict how I would feel, once I had a baby, about returning to work in comparison to being a FT Mum.

    By the time Olivia was a few months old I started doing work from home, to get some $$ in the door and to keep my brain cells ticking over. (I could have got PT work at that stage, but didn't feel that Olivia was ready for childcare, IYKWIM?)

    By the time Olivia was 10 months old I fell pregnant again, plus we kind of knew we would be making an interstate move, so that made my choice for me.....that I wouldn't end up going back to work until after baby number two.

    I ended up resigning and taking my long service pay, knowing that I can probably return to work for the same company , when I choose to, down the track.

    In between times I continue to have a ball with looking after Olivia, plus working from home, but I do get a bit mentally bored at times and wistfully remember the times that I was a corporate chick with big pay-packet and loads of deadlines!

    I think it is a really difficult decision and choice, because you need to look at all the practicalities of $$, balancing part time hours, childcare, your emotions, your babies needs and your own needs........hence there is no easy answer for anyone.