thread: How do you Dad's go with work after bubs?

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    Jun 2003

    How do you Dad's go with work after bubs?

    Just looking for a dad's perspective on work after babies. How do you dads find it? And for those of you with more than one child do you find it easier to go back with the second than you did with the first?


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    Jul 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    Going back to work after a baby has been born gets easier over time I think.
    You have two different sides of the story - the worrying about not being there to help and to join in with the development of the new child; and the other side is being able to provide for the long term growth of the family - this has the added benefit of being able to concentrate on a different task and allows you to 'zone-out' of the concerns of parenthood to some extent.

    Still, I think I would much rather stay at home to experience everything, though if there was an easy way to be able to have a compromise of both sides, I think everyone would be doing it.