thread: I am not an invalid, I am just pregnant!

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    Mar 2004

    I am not an invalid, I am just pregnant!

    I am due on the 1st of March and after talking to my doctor, told work that I would like to finish up at the end of January. There are four of us working in my team, one person will be away for the whole of Jan and one other applied for leave for most of Jan. The second person has been refused their leave because I could be tired or the baby could come early. Other than the usual annoyances of pregnancy I have had no troubles so far and can't see why I would give birth early. My blood pressure is excellent. Of course things happen but I find it highly unlikely that I would need to stop work before 36 weeks. So for the entirety of Jan there will be two people here, why should we need another one?

    The other thing is that they aren't giving me any work to do. Maybe they think I am too tired to do work. Surfing the internet all day long is pretty boring, work would be better if I actually had work to do. If they don't need me to do work then let me go home and keep on paying me.

    I am going to talk to my manager about this but she is conveniently sick today, so I will leave it until tomorrow.

    Thank-you for allowing me to rant.

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    ok take 2 of going back to work.....

    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    I used to work in a company that pretty much made you leave work when you were around 32weeks!
    The absolutely ridiculous thing was that (being single at the time) Centrelink made me go on Job Search & told me if I did not physically go & look for work, I was not entitled to a cent, I was massively pregnant & who in their right mind would have employed me... many arguments later... They put me on sickness benefits!?

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    Sep 2004

    Not to jinx you but things do happen.......I was in hospital with gastro 2 weeks before my due date!!!

    I think your work is just being precaustious which is good of them. Lap it up because you are going to be really really busy soon!

    But getting some work to do would be good to make you feel distracted and active!

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    Nov 2004

    Dear Morv;

    The last few weeks can be quite difficult, but it really depends on how YOU feel and how much work YOU personally can handle.

    What other people think doesn't really matter.

    And yes, I know that internet surfing can get boring after a while, but if you tell your boss you'd like some work, surely they'd give you SOMETHING to do!

    Best of luck