thread: I think I should quit

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    Oct 2003
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    I guess so....I think I have just come from a different side of things... one where the more you know the better off the hospital is for having you iykwim? I guess the practice in Sydney put a lot of emphasis on nurses learning more, but still making sure all the other stuff was done. Our basic policy for that was once everything was done to keep the animals in the best condition we could, than we could branch out & do more of whatever we wanted, like some nurses were heaps into admin stuff and did that, some were heaps into surgery and concentrated on that, I was into behaviour and nurse training, so I did that ykwim? But the additions to the basic job was that, additions and we got paid according to what we did. If one of the girls didn't want to do anything more, they didn't. If one did, they did. We were paid for what our responsibilities were. And thats what I loved about it.

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    Yeah i agree to it does depend on the practice. I think the location of the Vet Clinic makes a difference as well. Obviously the city clinic's would need competent staff to relieve the load, say for dischargeing a patient correctly. Especially where medications are involved.
    I think if its a big busy clinic there should be particular nurses for particular jobs. But i do agree with Fiona #-o where we still need to clean up after the patient because its vital we see that side of it for clinical issues.
    Dont forget you nurses how important it is to see what colour pukeys faeces is. lol.
    When will this subject ever end.

    KerrieT O

    Oh Fiona :boggle:

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    LOL Kerrie,

    I think not only could we have a forum just for vet nurse & vet clinic stuff, we could have one of just me & you making faces at each other!


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    I just got directed here by FionaJill and on behalf of all vets I apologise! In fact I think I only apologise on behalf of all the nice vets who are also stressed out, not those &^%$ that are out there everywhere!

    At my clinic we have a great environment - there are 6 vets, about 10 nurses and we alll hang out together, go drinking, etc. Our nurses are allowed to catheterise, perform some minor surgeries (like nail cutbacks), we have high pain medication standards and animals are regularly taken out of their cages just for a cuddle. The nurses' opinions are taken very seriously, so if we have a nurse come up to us while we're in the office to say that they're worried about the recovery of an animal (for example) we jump up and check it out - more often than not we need to give the animal some temgesic or reassess their wound.

    I think it's disgusting that you have all had to deal with that kind of treatment. There is a nurse at work who is bf her 4mth old baby, and everyone is checking the clock to make sure she has a chance to express when she needs to. In fact everyone was saying to her that she came back early and that we could arrange some paperwork kind of stuff for her to do if she wanted to be at home - but she has a great baby, is a very up-and-at-em kind of person and just *really* wanted to come back.

    If any of you want to come and work in Perth, send me a pm!

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    good on you squeeze for lifting the standards of vets & being in a great practice ...

    I've actually just gone into work today & discussed an option for me to work one in three weekends & every Monday while MAtilda's in day care but I will not be going back to nursing much at all... its not the place for me. I was thinking of looking into another practice, but I think I'll wait until Matilda is older now.... Perth eh?