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    Just a question


    New here so sorry if I don't do everything right.
    I'm just wondering if anybody had trouble with their employers about going back to work after the baby.

    I work(ed) as a clinical services director for a home health company that also does hospital contracts. About a week before I had my baby they finally found somebody to work while I was gone. The deal was that we would both work part time when I came back to work. Well, I've been back to work for about 5 months now and I still don't have my old job back. Luckily for me I can work the hospital contracts, but I'm so frustrated about my original job. At first I was told that we weren't busy enough to have 2 people in the office, but just last week I heard that this lady has somebody coming in to help her. I was also told that I couldn't have a raise because I get paid time off. My husband thinks I should get a lawyer, but I don't know. Just looking for some feedback from somebody besides my husband.


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    I think the laws re this probably vary from state to state. I am no expert but my understanding is that if you left a full time job and choose to come back part time, they don't have to give you your old job back because it is a full time job and you did not want to come back full time. Hope that makes sense. Nut then again if you have it in writing that you could come back to exactly your job part time, that would probably change things. No reason though why you should not be able to renegotiate your pay rate at any time.