thread: Legit working from home ideas?

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    Mar 2004

    Legit working from home ideas?


    I am going to visit my best friend in Japan in October, so therefore need to start saving some money. I either want to work part-time (1-2 days per week - struggling to find anything) or work from home.

    Do you have some good ideas of work from home, ie. ironing, mail outs etc. I'd try anything that paid fairly and was a legit work from home company.



    p.s. Should I take Aidan to Japan with me?! He will be about 10 months when I go, or Dad/Nana can look after him if he stays home.... very confused!

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    Hi Jess,

    My advice would be too look at a few things:

    ~If you can get out of the house to work, maybe sign up with an agency to see if that gets you in touch with more PT opportunities
    ~Some domestic agencies offer ironing work from home: do a ring around and check
    ~ Selling on Ebay can be lucrative if you can source some good stock with a decent mark up to sell
    ~ Sign up to an online job search such as Seek and see what that brings you
    ~ Can you do telemarketing? This is much in demand and you can do it from home.

    Either way, don't be tempted to do cash in hand.....always best to go through an agency so they can take care of tax etc.......


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    Why not try delivering newspapers or catalogues? Not sure what the pay is like though...

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    You could also do homecare/betterware/avon.... all books that get delivered to your door. I used to do Betterware and would get around $50 a week from it and it would get me out of the house and fit all at the same time.

    I did it for about 6 mths but left cause I didn't like my co-ordinator too much.


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    Aug 2004

    jess, something where it isnt like your own business, ie no headaches would be best. once Jackson is 6 months, i am going to start packaging from home.

    There are a lot of printing, packaging & finnishing companies that employ women to work from home in say packing greeting cards into boxes, or putting lollies in bags, that sort of thing.

    Do a search in the yellow pages under packaging, and click on Packaging, Filling & Assembling Services, then just call up the companies and ask if the offer work from home. generally you go an pick up the boxes from them, do what the want, then return them and you get paid by pieces completed.

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    ok take 2 of going back to work.....

    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    My Auntie earns decent money for ironing but has done her wrist twice!?

    As for taking Aidan, I have gone overseas alot & never once without Maddy, if you are happy & comfortable to go & leave him for that amount of time then do it, if not take him...

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    Mar 2004

    Thanks everyone, some great ideas.