thread: Letting work know ASAP...

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    Letting work know ASAP...

    I've been in my job for about 4 months now and I've just gone permanant. I work in a meatworks, it's very physical stuff at times. I'm only 6weeks pg with my first, and I've got a long way to go.

    Under the company's policy, you have to notify them as soon as you know you are pg. Notification has to be in the form of a letter from your doctor stating your name, EDD and medications. I'm a type 2 diabetic, so I've been taken off the tablets and put on 4 injections of insulin a day to keep things under control.

    I'm so happy I have a very understanding boss. He said just to keep them posted on my progress, and that I should be fine. But now they've got me on light duties, which is not my cup of tea. There are 3 of us working together all pg. There was a girl there last year who left not long after I started, to have her baby, who said that they give you a year off, from the day you leave work to your first day back at work.

    I've been told that most of the girls leave work there, anywhere from 3 months to go up to 2 weeks to go. Personally, if I can get to a month before that would be great but, I feel that I will probably get to 2 months before when I have to leave work. The girls usually get put back on casual wages the closer they get and work 3 days a week of their choice.

    I don't know the QLD laws for leaving work, does anyone here know?

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    I just know that gov employees have to finish up 6 weeks before EDD, unless they have a doc certificate.
    There shoudl be some listing in phone book, or some website you can look up. Maybe start with QLD Gov?