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Thread: Not liking work as a reason for TTC

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    Default Not liking work as a reason for TTC

    Hello all,

    So has anyone decided to start TTC for #1 because they didn't like their job???

    I'm planning to start TTC in late May/June, but i'm thinking about bringing it earlier as I want to leave work earlier. I know that this is a pretty poor excuse for starting a family, but it's not like i'm only having children to leave work, i'm just bringing TTC earlier because of work. But what if I start liking work again and then don't want to leave?

    What are other's experiences? Would I regret starting earlier?


    PS I can't just get a new job as I work in a specialised professional field where it would take 6 months for another position to come up.

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    In my last job, I absolutely hated it and day dreamed all day long about starting a family and leaving work. Was in a very negative, woe is me state of mind. After I was diagnosed with endo and told I'd never conceive naturally, I changed my outlook on life and got a new job (I work in IT so it was easy to find something else).

    In my current job I enjoy coming to work, but I would have no hesitation in TTC straight away. You never know what the future holds. Is there any reason, why you are planning to start TTC later rather than now? If it was me I would just go for it and if it happens, it happens. You never know how long it will take you to conceive and you never know things in your job might change. Take it day by day as it comes.

    There is no 'right' time to start a family. I find it interesting of my friends who say we'll do it after the next holiday or when we renovate the kitchen or when I get a new job, etc. But there is always something so you just have to jump in and do it.

    If you get a new job opportunity, take it. If you fall pregnant you will manage it. If you fall pregnant before a new job comes up, then great too. But don't put on on hold for the other because you just never know and won't have any regrets.

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    I don't think that it's a bad idea per se, but i do think that it's generally a bad idea in life to address one issue with another instead of tackling the issue itself. Addressing and improving the situation or getting a new job is how you solve not liking your job. Having a baby is how you tackle wanting a baby. If it takes 6 months to get a new job then you may or may not have found one before you ttc, and you may or may not be happier when you fall PG and you might or might not want to return when bubs is born, but you will be more in control because rather than swapping your worries you will be dealing with them.

    It is REALLY good practice for parenting to get good at making yourself sort out the things you can change. If you don't find parenting is how you thought it would be (i did not for instance imagine i'd be a single mother on benefit at this stage) you can't quit, you have to face it and slog it out and go the long road.

    Is it a person or responsibility at work that's getting you down? What can YOU do to change the situation? If there is nothing you can do, what can you do towards getting a new position?


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    As long as you can afford to give up your job early in your pregnancy then I'd say go ahead with it. If you hate your job now, you may hate it even more once you are pregnant. If like me, preggy brain hits you early you can find it very difficult to do your job well. I have a complex admin job and my brain is just not up to doing it properly at the moment and I'm getting further and further behind. I never realised how much your memory can be affected in pregnancy, I just thought it was an excuse pregnant women used, but let me tell you it's very real. I just wish I could walk away from all the stress, but as I have to go back to work after bubs is born (damn mortgage) I can't. If you can afford to walk away from it all if the going gets tough then by all means go ahead.

    It might also be worth changing jobs first though. If like me it takes you many years to have a successful pregnancy (all the time thinking one's just around the corner for you) you could find yourself stuck in a job you don't like for a very long time, thinking it will only just be a few more months til you succeed.

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    We did this... I had started a new job and we weren't going to TTC for 3-6 months so I could spend at least one year in the job. I hated it though and we ended up starting TTC right away instead.

    After a few months I was so miserable and stressed at work and becoming obsessed with getting pregnant as my 'out'... and we were not getting pregnant. I ended up quitting and we got pregnant the month after I left, just before starting a new job! So I'd have to very much agree with what Hoobley said.

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