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    Sorry, but I need to vent!

    I am currently on maternity leave, but went into work last week to show off my baby. It felt as if I had never left my reasonably well paying, high pressure job that had taken me several years of cr*p including years of study to get to.

    Anyway, my manager said as a by comment; "Our business has really grown since you left and you would have been promoted to manager if you were still here, but now we hired someone else". I couldnt believe it. I had always wanted this, and suddenly Im gone for 3 months and an opportunity comes up!

    I dont know why Im disappointed about this as I am happy to be on maternity leave. I love my baby and couldnt imagine not having him, but sometimes I think, maybe I should have waited another year or two. I know that even if I return to work it will never be the same, because I wont be able to do the exorbitant amount of overtime required to progress, and I think they know that based on what I did while I was pregnant (9-5 only).

    Everytime I look at my baby I hate myself for thinking so selfishly, I could never swap the most adorable, beautiful baby for anything.

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    This is MOST definitely discrimination. They should have called to notify there was even a position available. Just because you are on maternity leave doesn't mean you can't go for the position.

    My manager rings me about once a week to let me know of any changes that affect me, as my work place is going through huge changes at the moment. She is also letting me know about any promotional opportunities. I can still go for these positions and start them when my mat' leave is over.

    SoonToBeMum, it is not selfish of you to be thinking this. I presume that this managerial position came with some kind of pay rise which can only be good for your finances and, ultimately, you family life.

    Caro's idea of finding a new job is right on the nut.

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    Hi all,

    Thanks for the responses.

    I guess I was a little upset because now that I have a family, the dream of a high powered position is gone - for now at least, and this was a dream I had for a long time..

    I really want to focus on my child (and future children) now so I will not be able to devote my whole self to my job as I did before. I guess it is my own fault that they didnt offer me the position as I said before I left that I may not return to the job after one year, and even if I do, I dont want to be full time. So I guess that they thought it would just be easier to hire someone else.

    Anyway, as I said before I love being a SAHM and wouldnt change it for the world. But sometimes you do think of what could have been...

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    Gosh that makes me angry! I am actually at home today suffering stress from my job. I have a full time job with a Semi Government department, ive been there for quite some time as a full time employee. I came back from my holidays on Monday to find that they had actaully changed my role and moved me to another Manager! the pay is still the same but the conditions are not, the new manager is awful and I can't help thinking they have done this to 'push' me out so they don't have to pay me maternity leave 6 months 1/2 pay. I am NOT going to be bullied by these 'men' as it seems its the men who have such a hard time dealing witht he fact that women GET PREGNANT!

    Sorry about the hijack - but something needs to be done about your situation, that is just not right, are you a member of the union?

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    If a discrimination claim exists - In part it is about the evidence too - correspondence from soontobemum expressing her intention to come back in 12 months (ie dating back to the time she expressed intent to take maternity leave) is far stronger than any conversation. Conversations between two parties without witnesses can be difficult to prove.......

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