thread: Routine in the mornings....where do you start???

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    spiddles Guest

    Routine in the mornings....where do you start???

    I am going back to work full time tomorrow and I have no idea where to start in the mornings.....does anyone have a routine they use that works for them???

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    Nov 2004

    Dear Spiddles, I did an epic response to this post yesterday, but now it's gone!

    Our routine is:

    6:30am bl(*(dy alarm goes off and DH gets up
    7:00am ish I get out of bed and have a shower, breakfast.
    7:30am get Alex up, bottle and change nappy/clothes, he doesn't mind drinking whilst I'm changing him.
    7:45am DH takes Alex to day care in his bicycle trailer

    I have his nappy bag prepared the night before, with food (in the fridge) and nappies and change of clothes. I prepare all his food myself and freeze it in 250mls Tupperware containers. They're great (but the freezer's full!)

    When Alex was little and I was bfeeding, I'd get him up at 7:00am and feed him, then change him etc. I lived closer to work and didn't have to leave until 8:30am, so had a little more time back then.

    But what worked/works for me might not work for you!

    Best wishes.

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    justthinking Guest

    Hi! I've just started back at work and dd has started at daycare. Being night owls neither dh or I wish to get up too early so what we've decided on is this:

    Pack nappy bag the night before and prepare food - keep in fridge.

    7.00am Get up, DH gives dd milk and weetbix, changes her nappy while I shower and dress
    He showers and dresses while I pack my bag, change her clothes,

    Bags, as packed go to back door so I can get dd in car with bags and be at daycare at 8.00am then drive to work.

    Small town, not too far to drive! JT