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    Mar 2005
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    starting new job

    i am 6 weeks pregnant today!! (yipee) and have a 6 yr old daughter. I have just got a job and start next tuesday. It's 4 hours per day 5 days, so it's fantastic to work around school. ONly thing is being newly pregnant, I am so damn tired and feel so sick. How does everyone cope working, and how do those with other kids do it, having to comehome from work and then look after children. Im just wondering how on earth I will be able to cook, clean etc. Would just like to hear some other women's stories! Thank you xo

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    May 2004

    Hi Meg, first up congrats on your pregnancy and new job.

    When I was pg with Nicholas I had pretty bad m/s and worked full time in a hairdressers (whcih I soon cut down to part time) anyway, fortunately for me my manager was sympathetic and allowed me to have breaks when I needed them. For me, my m/s sometimes eased up a bit when I was busy. It is amazing how we do cope and I am sure you will too. Does your work know you are pg??

    Re the question on then coming home to look after kids, I can't help you there as I never had kids then so I can't help there. Sorry.

    Good luck with your new job.