thread: ttc while trying to start a business

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    ttc while trying to start a business

    Hi guys,

    Just wanting some advice from any one that has started their own business while ttc, pg, or after birth? I am a little scared about taking on too much as i will have to stay at my day job until the night business (contract cleaning) takes off.

    My dh and i are starting it together so he will be a little help( all though a little selfish) any feed back would be great!

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    It is really difficult to tell, becasue I think it depends on your your TTC efforts, your overall lifestyle and then your baby when it comes!

    Andrew and I were TTC at the same time as both working full time in corporate jobs whilst also runing our own property development business....buying and renovating houses and TTC and work stress all got a little too much for me, and so we made a move interstate and as soon as I was working PT and not worrying about the business/our properties, I fell pregnant.

    I now work from home (doing project managment and marketing consultancy) which is my own business, but it is a lot less phusically demanding than house renovations, a lot less stressful than dealing with trademen etc. Plus my daughter Olivia is a fantastic day sleeper so I can work whe she is alseep & give her all my attention when she is awake.

    (However, for the first two months of her life I did NO work at all, I just focused on her)

    Working for yourself gives me such a sense of personal achievement that it is worth it, but it IS stressful.

    Very best of luck.............