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    Jen Schuster Guest

    When to tell your boss

    Hi All

    I dont do a job that is dangerous to bub (Im an accountant) and was wondering if it is compulsory to tell your boss at 3 months. I want to wait until I start showing - I like to keep my private life private.
    Any thoughts on a time frame within which you must tell your employee!!!



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    Hi Jen,

    You need to inform your employer that you are pregnant at least 10 weeks before the expected birth of the baby. At this time you may need to provide your employer with a certificate from your doctor which states the date on which the baby is due. So by 30 weeks, I imagine you'll definately be showing buy then!

    You will need to advise your employer of the date on which you intend to commence maternity leave, which can be any time within 6 weeks of the baby being due. (Keep in mind you may need to give 4 weeks notice that you want to start your leave.)

    Your employer may also ask you to provide a statutory declaration that states the amount of leave your partner intends to take. (DH and I work for the same company, so we haven't had to do that).

    I told my boss really early on as I was so ill......but he is a great boss, and I trusted him to keep it quiet. I told the rest of the office at about 14 weeks and I started to show at about 16 weeks.


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    I did factory work through a temp agency when I fell pregnant with Kameron. I told them pretty early on as alot of my jobs invoved heavy lifting. I ended up stopping work for good at 4 mths when my 2 weeks at a job doing night shift finished.


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    jilly Guest

    The Boss

    I am struggling with this dilemma at the moment. It is policy in my organisation to inform then at 12 weeks. I am a member of the Police Force, although I do not do uniform duties. I am still dealing with the public and offenders though. I informed them last time when I was 12 weeks, but another girl I worked with didn't say anything til she was 20 weeks. The reason is that they make you non-operational and put you behind a desk. I love my job, and think that it is very safe, as the only times I've ever been assaulted was when I was in uniform. Most of the offenders I deal with are cowards anyway, and the fellas I work with would trample me in the rush to help me if anything went wrong. Also, if I am made non-operational, my salary goes down as I lose my on call allowance. This is quite a bit of money when you're saving for baby number 4, and I am reluctant to give it up.

    I am now 13 weeks, and I don't want my collagues to find out just yet. I have only 3 weeks to go before I go on leave, then when I return I will be 19 weeks, which I think is a good time to tell them. (It will be pretty obvious anyway)

    What do the rest of you think I should do?


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

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    Jilly - If you don't think the risk is high, I wouldn't tell them right away.

    I told work as soon as I could because of the high risk, and they are still doing irresponsible things and I have been exposed a few times to dangerous things, I wouldn't recommend that to anyone! It is so horrible and emotional to have to go through every I am thinking about leaving sooner rather than later...although we are desperate for the money, I might have to temp somewhere else doing office work! UGH...I'm sorry for those of you who do it every day, but after getting used to the adrenaline of working in the vet environment, I don't know how I'll do!

    Here's to more decision making!


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    If you only have 3 weeks before leave Jilly I would wait until you return. 3 weeks isn't a long time.


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    That ia tough one. If it were me, and I felt sure that no harm to come to me or my baby, I would probably wait until after your leave until you tell.

    Having said that, I was really paranoid about this baby of mine, so would probably tell earlier if I had any doubts at all.

    Sorry, probably haven't been much help, but good luck with your decison. I guess at the end of hte day you need to go on your "gut feel" as to what is right for you.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Hey everyone,
    Not sure when I will let people at work know. It all really depends how sick I get with morning sickness.
    Teaching is a physically draining job so I will have to be very careful not to over-do it. I will probably let them know at 12 weeks - jut easier.
    As I am on contract, I will not get maternity leave. Even though teaching is 95% female, the fact that so many of us get 1-2 year contracts makes it very difficult. To get maternity leave, I would have to work another few years until I had earned an ongoing position (where I don't have to apply for my job every year) and I was just not willing to wait for that.
    So, here I am. More opportunities will present themselves after I have the baby, I am sure.
    For now, I am just going to bask in the glory that I am finally here! YAY!

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    I found out last Saturday that I'm pregnant which was the first day of my 2 weeks holiday. I work with my mum who said she would not say a word until I was back which will make me 6weeks. First thing Monday morning one of the guys asked how her weekend was, and her response?? "I'M GUNNA BE A GRANMA!!" Hmmm so much for waiting!

    My boss is happy for me to work out whatever suits me & the baby, so I will be having min 3months off then going back 1 or 2 days a week after that. As for when I'll start maternity leave, I haven't decided just yet.

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    BellyBelly Member

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    Hi - before having Caitlin I worked in an office in a small department of a large organisation and I told the manager really early on - I actually called in sick on the day I got a positive on the HPT. I was a flipping mess and just told him on the phone that day. He was the best manager I've ever worked with, if I had to tell anyone else, I probably would have waited until 12 weeks.


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    carmen Guest


    I told my boss at 6 weeks but asked him to keep it quiet which he did. I was glad that I told him since I was so sick with m/s and when I kept going into hospital at least he knew why. He would tell the other staff that I had bad gastro so I didn't get too many questions.

    I think that you have to try to figure out what their reaction will be becuase I can imagine that some people don't take it well.

    Good luck