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Thread: will my baby cope without me

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    Default will my baby cope without me

    Hi Mums (and Dads?)
    My darling little girl turns 1 TOMMORROW and its also my first day of job interviews (moved from n.z, so i dont have a job to go back to) and it is sooo scary thinking of leaving my baby in care (family day care)
    She will be in care between 2-4hrs each day and I feel like this will be too much for her, as shes so used to having mummy around all the time and she cried the whole time she was there when she first went!
    She also wont see me until the morning, as im looking at evening jobs, so i keep thinking she wont cope. (or is it me that wont cope! )
    Im going to work out of necessity $$$$
    Is there anyone else out there feeling this way? I would love to hear your views/comments.

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    I think she'll be fine, she just needs to get used to it. 2-4 hours a day isn't very long. We will also have no choice but to do this, so I have to believe it will work out

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    Unfortunately these days many families have to have both parents working... Like myself & DH.. We have 2 girls DD#1 is 7yrs old & DD#2 is 4-5 months!
    With DD#1 I didnt work until she was about 3 yrs old, my exsperience then was that she was SO used to having me around 24/7 that she ddnt cope very well at all initially, even though she was at a close family friends house everyday with her kids & she loved playing with the other kids...
    But her hair began falling out in patches, she wet her bed at night (she was totally toilet trained at 22 months!) I felt awful, but I had to work, she was quite shy when it was just myself & her, yet now she is not at all shy, she has tonnes of friends at school, is exceptionally popular & comfortable to go to anyones house after school, she is extremely confident & I am glad now to see the change in her & she realises she can have an opinion & not hide behind Mummy has made me really proud. She has been in the school plays & made up her own dances with friend in the Rock Eisteddfodd where she gets up on stage infront of the whole school... Honestly she is a different child..
    I now had to return to work when DD#2 was just 4 months old & I hated it, the first 2 weeks I sobbed daily at work & felt miserable & like a bad Mummy.. But DD#2 is fine, she is happy & content & really we need to work to provide for our kids & I am slowly realising I am not a bad Mum, nor will I be the first or last Mum to have to return to work...
    I am sure within a month of Family Day Care (also my preference over Child Care) she will be loving it & telling you all about how much fun she has had!!!
    You will both get used to it... I work 40+ hours a week!!! We cope & I am certain you will too...

    Best of luck!

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    Thanks ladies, it really makes a difference with a little supportive feedback, Ive spent the last few days asking pretty much every mother ive come across (overboard, I know :smt016 ) I just cant wait until the day comes when she loves going and cant wait until I leave (then I'll be posting about how my baby doesnt need me! HA HA) Motherhood brings out the best, I tell ya! wouldn't swap it for anything though!! I shall persevere

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