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    Oct 2004

    Work at home?

    I haven't worked full time now for 2 years. I started a new job recently which was 37.5 hrs but the day i started was the day i found out i was pregnant. I have chronic fatigue so i didn't last too long. My boss was really good and kept lowering my hours, but by time i got to 20 weeks, i had enough.
    My DH and i have decided that i'm just not going back to work, but at the same time we'd really like to be able get into our own home one day. DH says that the way his business is going that we will be able to do that in a few years, but i want to hurry the process! Yes, i am impatient!
    Anyway, my question is what sort of jobs could i do from home? Because i wouldn't mind working at home, i just don't want to put our kid in childcare, and we are planning on more kids not too long after bub is born. It would just be good to get a bit extra cash coming in for our house deposit.
    Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

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    I have heard you can make some extra cash with Affilliate programs. That way you can work around your family. I am looking at the moment also - that way I can give up my part time job and stay at home. If I find out anything more, I will let you know.


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    Oct 2004

    Thanks Wendy. That would be great.

    Take Care!

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    Aug 2004

    mel, there are a lot of packing, printing or greeting card companies that employ people to say pack cards from hom, or attach ribbons to world vision angels, that kind of thing. you generally pick the boxes up from them, take them home to do them and when you return them you get paid by how many pieces you have completed. You could try looking up packaging in yellow pages or ring some of the big card manufaturers like hallmark, John Sands of Biscay.

    Oh, I am not sure what state you are in.